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Top OTT Viewing Services in the UK in 2022

OTT services
Published on Jan 19, 2022

OTT (over the top) media platforms are streaming services that users can access from their mobile devices, computers, televisions, and other gadgets that allow viewing and streaming using the internet. They have been game changers in the way we watch our television shows and movies, making them more accessible and easy to view for all. 

OTT market size


Advantages of OTT Platforms 


OTT platforms come with a lot of advantages for both creators and viewers, such as: 

  • The television shows and movies can be accessed from virtually anywhere. 
  • The shows and movies can be accessed at any time the user desires. 
  • Viewers do not have to wait for an allotted time like they did on cable TV to watch an episode or a movie. 
  • There are no long-drawn advertisements or breaks in the middle of an episode or movie. 
  • There is a wide collection available for viewers to choose from. 
  • The OTT platforms are becoming more intuitive with time, giving viewers suggestions on what to watch and what they would enjoy based on their viewing history. 
  • Creators have a platform that does not censor or require large production companies to fund their ideas. 
  • It gives movie and TV show cast and crew the access to a global audience, helping them increase their viewership and reach. 

Clearly, there are many advantages to using OTT platforms for viewing and streaming TV shows and movies. You can rewatch your old favourites, watch something new, or even stream alongside your friends and family together virtually and discuss together through shared viewing. This industry is only expected to grow as more and more people realise the benefits and advantages of using OTT platforms and switch to an easier viewing option. The current predictions analysed by market research services state that the industry is expected to reach a market size of $332.5 billion (Apptha) by 2025 as more and more people continue to switch or use a hybrid mode of consuming content. 

Television platform
Clearly, there are many advantages to using OTT platforms for viewing and streaming TV shows and movies.

There are so many top OTT platforms in the UK that it becomes difficult for a viewer to choose from. Even the best streaming services in the UK are facing the heat because of their the competition. This is the reason why over the top media services are continuously evolving and improving upon their consumer experience so that they can attract more users, retain their original consumers, and improve the viewing experience for all. 

If you are new to streaming services in the UK and want to find out what the best OTT platforms of 2022 are, look no further. We have compiled a list of the top OTT platforms that you can check and see if it suits your requirements.  

Best OTT Platforms of 2022 


Netflix is perhaps the king of all streaming services in the UK. It is one of the oldest over the top media services on the market, and it offers multiple viewing options based on the country you are in. There are a lot of common shows and movies that are the same regardless of which nation your subscription is based in, but they have managed to streamline their offerings even further to give viewers access to more local content.  

OTT Global Subscribers


Market research services state that the usage of Netflix has steadily increased in the UK, and it noticed a sharp spike as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the lockdown forced us all into our homes. As of the third quarter of 2020, there were more than 15 million (Statista) subscribers to the OTT platform in the UK alone, making the country the largest consumer of the service in Europe. 


Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video is another one of the top OTT platforms in the UK available in the market today. The Prime Video subscription comes hand-in-hand with the Amazon Prime subscription, making it an extremely affordable option for users. They can get all the benefits of Amazon Prime, such as free shipping or faster delivery, and they have access to all the TV shows and movies that are available for viewing on Prime Video. 

OTT channel Disney
The television shows and movies can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Again, the content here is customised based on your location to provide users more local national content that they would want to watch. Amazon also has a Fire TV Stick that they offer for viewers who want a 4K viewing experience and access to other viewing platforms from a single device. All you have to do is purchase a Fire TV Stick and plug it in your television, and voila! You can view multiple OTT platforms using a single device. 

Apple TV+ 

Apple TV+ does not require an Apple TV to access the OTT platform. The biggest difference between Apple TV+ and the other over the top media services is that the content on this one is all original content. You won’t be able to find old popular TV shows such as Coupling, The Office, Skins, and more, but you will have access to new, original shows and movies with an extremely high quality (4K and HDR viewing with Dolby Atmos sound) viewing experience. 


Disney+ is another one of the best OTT platforms of 2022. It launched fairly recently, towards the end of 2019, but it is quickly rising to become one of the strongest competitors to industry giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The OTT platform’s subscriber numbers are rapidly increasing. They started with a total of 26.5 million subscribers globally in the first quarter of 2020 and rose to a whopping 118.1 million subscribers (Statista) towards the fourth quarter of 2021. 

British TV Sources


Since Disney has been associated with producing family-friendly content, a lot of parents opt for this option. Their kids can use this streaming service in the UK and watch their favourite cartoons, and the parents also have access to a number of shows and movies they can watch. They have partnered with multiple giants such as Marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars and more, and also showcase all the shows and movies made by Disney and Pixar, making them a crowd favourite. 


Now TV 

Now TV offers similar viewing services as a satellite dish platform would without having to invest in a satellite dish. It can also be accessed from any smart device anywhere, making viewing a lot easier and more accessible for users. Those who want to subscribe to Now TV can watch up to 11 channels on the platform based on their subscription model. It also has a Now TV Stick option, which is a lot like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which isn’t a must, but it can convert your regular TV into a smart TV and you can use it to access other over the top media services as well. 

Top OTT Channels
There is a wide collection available for viewers to choose from.


Hayu is available as an individual offering, and it can also be combined with your Amazon Prime Video subscription or your Now TV subscription. This is one of the streaming services in the UK specifically designed for those who love reality TV. Users have access to more than 250 reality TV shows from the USA that they can view at any time from any place. It may seem like an odd and fairly limited over the top media service platform, but those who love reality TV cannot get enough of it.  

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BritBox is specifically designed for the UK audience. It is one of the top OTT platforms in the UK started by the BBC and ITV, and it offers a variety of popular UK-based content. There are numerous British TV shows and movies, and the catalogue includes more than 300 of the most popular British TV shows across genres and times. It is quite comprehensive and a crowd favourite among locals who want to enjoy their favourite UK drama or comedy at their convenience.   


Sky is a smart TV service provider that offers a hybrid mode of access to TV channels. The content can be viewed online, but it still needs a satellite dish to function. Despite the hurdle of installing a satellite dish, it proves to be one of the best OTT platforms in 2022 in the UK because it offers the largest catalogues of channels and shows, and has an enormous list of original TV shows as well.  


Top OTT Viewing Services in the UK in 2022




Final Thoughts 

Market research services show that the trend of using OTT platforms for viewing is soon going to become the primary mode of viewing content for all users. It is a lot cheaper than paying for cable TV, a lot more accessible, and a lot more user-friendly. If you are confused about choosing the right option for you, go through the catalogue list of each one and see which ones appeal to you the most. Also, like more and more people are doing now, you also have the option to subscribe to multiple top OTT platforms so you have access to more content wherever you go.