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The ‘Circle of Experts’ is a premium hub of experts, thought leaders, and best-in-class specialists in their respective fields who enjoy staying on top of market trends and industry updates, and connecting with other like-minded professionals.

Why should you join ‘Circle of Experts’ – SG Analytics’ network of experts?


All interview requests are optional and are organized as per your preferred schedule.


SGA adheres to all market research protocols and guidelines and all interviews are highly confidential and solely used for research purposes. Our community members’ personal information is very valuable to us and is never sold to third parties.

How does the circle work?


“The Highest-quality Analytics Expert”

SG Analytics is a global insights and analytics company, providing data-centric research and contextual analytics consulting services to its clients across the Technology, ESG, Media & Entertainment, BFSI, Healthcare, and other sectors.

We are pioneers in the use of analytics and technology to create valuable, relevant, and reliable insights. It is our people who drive and shape our success as a company.

We’re all about an accountability culture, with commitment and spiritedness as our human essences. Once we take on something, we deliver results. Today, our diverse team of 1000+ has talent from over 10 countries and skillsets and capabilities that ensure we sustain our promise of excellence.

SGA’s clients are organizations who want to gain insights to find differentiated solutions and understand the market trends.

The discussions are conducted as per your convenience and schedule on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.

Each discussion will take around 30-60 minutes.

Interviews will be conducted by industry-specific experts of SGA and its clients.

There is no preparation needed. We just want your insights and personal views based on your experience and expertise.

We get prior consent from all participants before recording the conversation.

Your personal information will be shared with the interviewer for connecting with you to conduct research-specific interviews.

No, you can join our community for free.

Other members of the community are experts like you from different industries across the globe.

No. All these discussions are optional to participate in and will be scheduled as per your preferred schedule. None of the discussions will affect your personal work or the work with your current organization. As per our confidentiality guidelines, none of your responses will be directly linked with you or your company and will only be used in aggregate.

Have other questions in mind? Get in touch with us at experts@sganalytics.com