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Data Analytics Services & Solutions

  • We leverage data using our data analytics services and solutions, which enables our clients to make informed decisions and offerings to achieve their business objectives. We build machine learning ML-powered models and frameworks and fine-tune decision-making models by aligning them with our clients business objectives.

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SG Analytics SGA's data analytics services drive your data-driven business objectives

SGA’s expertise lies across the entire data lifecycle. We work towards making data-driven insights speak through our data analytics services and solutions.

At SGA, the data analytics ecosystem is built upon four strong pillars of data and analytics strategy and insights

Each of the four pillars is built interdependently to create value from the data insights and drive business objectives efficiently.

  • 1st pillar is what makes analytics a powerful weapon to generate insights, i.e., DATA. We collect, aggregate and ingest data and develop competence around it. 
  • 2nd pillar is the business intelligence and reporting, where we specialise in creating user-centric performance dashboards that are real-time, scalable and low maintenance. 
  • 3rd pillar stands on providing intelligent insights to deliver value enabled by agility and customer-centricity. 
  • 4th pillar is where we enable you to make quick yet effective decisions using advanced analytics to identify ideal target customers and predict customer behaviours with personalized offerings. 
Data Management & Analytics Services

What we offer

In this data-driven world, companies are compelled to harness the true potential of data and generate new insights to make effective decisions. This is where SGA's big data analytics consulting solutions are instrumental in helping clients to make the best of unrealized opportunities.

  • Our data management, analytics, and research skills combine context and data to derive meaningful business insights 
  • We employ product holding data, collection operation data, and collectors’ notes to build models as well as to enhance the predictive ability of the models
  • We manage structured and unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP)-based algorithms 
  • We implement appropriate end-to-end data collection to data management processes across domains by employing our advanced data analytics solutions

Modern-day businesses generate a gigantic volume of data. SGA, with its expert data analytics services and solutions, enables these organisations to fuel their analytics projects and generate real-time data-intelligent reports, insights, and recommendations. 

Our approach to business intelligence is driven by our client requirements. 

  • SGA’s solutions team interacts with the client’s stakeholders to identify as well as understand the challenges, pain points, and business goals, along with the existing architecture 
  • We aim to offer scalable and cost-effective solutions for near-future growth
  • We aim to equip organisations with data and, hence, facilitate end-to-end services from engineering the data in the cloud to processing data, performing advanced analytics, creating deep learning frameworks and visualising it for the organisations to recognise their trends and weaknesses and plan accordingly

The evolution of the web or the world wide web and the availability of large amounts of data within organisations is pushing them to incorporate intelligent data-driven techniques for effective decision-making. This has led organisations to integrate ML as an aid to learn from the available data for intelligent decision-making.

  • We offer insights to businesses by leveraging the data and conducting analysis as per the business requirements to enable better decision-making 
  • We provide consumer insights by analysing social media interactions across various platforms. Our strength lies in catering to M&E and BFSI clients
  • Using ML to analyse the new customers and fit them into a persona to customise relevant products or marketing strategies to improve customer acquisition and conversion rates

At SGA, we build and maximise our client’s monetisable data assets by designing advanced ML models using relevant data in different contexts as per our clients’ domains like BFSI, Media and Entertainment, Technology, and Manufacturing.   

  • Our advanced data architectures, along with analytics support, help in mining large enterprise data to generate actionable insights for better decision-making 
  • We apply advanced analytical models and visualisations to data marts for faster and more precise insight generation and prediction
  • We build advanced predictive analytics frameworks for sales, marketing, and campaign effectiveness 
  • We create insight frameworks by employing advanced AI/ML to enable monetisation of the data and business intelligence assets that can be consumed by various consumers of the marketplace


Deep Domain Expertise

Our offerings range from data strategy creation to a future-ready data architecture with deep-domain expertise

A Full-service Suite

We offer a full-service suite for software development, product testing, and enhancement that can leverage to accelerate the products go-to-market

Insights-driven Outcome

We provide impactful insights through our AI/ML applications and reporting engagements

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Use our Data Analytics & Management solutions to generate new insights and define data-driven strategies for your business growth.