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Leverage SG Analytics' advanced analytics capabilities to make accurate decisions and accelerate growth

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Services we provide

Market intelligence

We deploy quantitative and qualitative techniques to gather intelligence across audiences, customers, competition, and marketplaces

Business strategy

Our sector experts develop customized frameworks that help businesses make data-driven decisions for long-term growth

Analytical roadmaps

Our data scientists and AI/ML specialists construct an organization-wide data and analytics roadmap

Execution capabilities

We execute our expertise across marketing analytics, consumer analytics, digital & web analytics, social media analytics, big data engineering, and visualization services

Cognitive and logic-based automation

Across data & research-related workflows

Build custom applications

Quality assurance management

Understanding Our Audience Better

  • Audience profiling and segmentation
  • Programme choice modelling
  • Linear TV viewership analysis
  • Proliferation of content/channel
  • Network & programme CSAT, U & A and perception
  • Audience viewing trends (time & attention, content & devices, etc.)

Identifying New Streams of Monetization

  • Digital/web platform analytics
  • Opportunity sizing for OTT content
  • Recommendation engines for VoD content
  • App subscription-pricing analytics
  • Emerging trends tracking

Increasing Revenue

  • Ad-sales forecasting
  • VOD subscription forecasting
  • Cannibalization impact of OTT on linear TV
  • Advertising customization on OTT devices
  • Need-gap analysis and whitespace assessment

Engaging the Audience Better

  • Social media listening
  • Auto-classification of customer responses
  • Mapping digital audience journey
  • Emotion and intent mining

Improving Viewership Rating

  • Ratings forecast
  • Program spot vs. segment analysis
  • Promo conversion measurement
  • Audience churn/ survival analytics
  • Cross-network/ programme benchmarking

Optimizing Marketing Spend

  • Ad campaign effectiveness
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Digital marketing ROI optimization
  • A/B testing of innovative campaigns

Our context-driven approach and sector expertise enhance analytics consumption and deliver high-quality insights

Research Techniques

  • Computer-aided telephonic interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Focus group discussion
  • Online communities
  • API-based social media web scraping

Analytics Tools

  • mparticle
  • Google/ Adobe Analytics
  • Linear TV viewership analysis
  • Brandwatch, Talkwalker,
  • and Tubulur (social media)
  • R/ Python
  • AWS Sagemaker/ GCP
  • Azure ML Studio
  • PySpark
  • AWS services
  • Redshift
  • Azure Databricks
  • Kochava
  • Power BI/ Tableau/ Looker/ DOMO

How We Drive Results for Our Clients


Seasoned experts with 10+ years of experience in identifying and interpreting M&E trends

Contextual deep-dive

A contextual understanding of objectives and metrics means we can meet them faster

Data-driven through and through

We leverage ML techniques to manage, process, and analyze unstructured data as well

Actionable insights

Actionable, visualized insights that cut across the global M&E industry

We combine our sector-guided research with analytics capabilities to generate sharper insights for clients


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We bring you a team of media analytics experts with deep expertise in linear and OTT data engineering, content strategy, and audience analytics.

We partner with leading media firms across their analytics journey – from data creation to insights consumption.