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  • Bespoke healthcare research and analytics services provide AI/ML & tech-enabled insights to pharmaceuticals, life sciences and allied sectors, allowing for the integration-convergence of large amounts of data at different levels across the value chain.

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Why Leverage Our HRA Healthcare Research & Analytics Services?

The market is driven by patient, prescriber, distributor and supplier data. What works in one market may not always work in another. Companies have a large amount of data gathered across the value chain. A healthcare company uses an average of 45-50% of accessible data for decision-making. SG Analytics, a top healthcare analytics service provider, uses proprietary ML tools to assist you with data cleansing, data management and developing insightful dashboards. These tools can help you with strategic market access, market entry, competitive intelligence, drug forecasting and many other tasks. 

SG Analytics' network of 700+ key opinion leaders across many geographies enables us to provide our clients with more timely and effective solutions. For the past 10 years, SG Analytics' HRA (healthcare research and analytics) services have been assisting healthcare product and service businesses. 

Healthcare Analytics Services

What we offer

In today's digital and competitive world, customisation is the key to success. Healthcare market research and consulting services provide white-labelled research, data management, data analysis and data convergence to its industry partners in the areas of new market access, competitive intelligence, HEOR, conference coverage, pharma and medical device product market entry and healthcare investments in developed and developing markets.

For data service providers worldwide, SGA's Healthcare data insights team conducts and tracks surveys, administrative and medical records, claims data, vital records, surveillance, disease registries and peer-reviewed research. Our healthcare analytics services are accessible in the form of user-friendly and configurable daily/weekly/monthly reports and dashboards.


Industry Leader

SGA thrives by its brand promise 'Life's Possible', and is recognised as the UK's most trusted HRA healthcare research and analytics company.

12+ Languages

Language capabilities include Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bahasa, Hindi, Bengali and English experts US/UK.

Data-Driven Insights

With in-depth domain knowledge and proven capabilities of delivering monetisable insights, we deliver high-quality, efficient outputs.

End-To-End Solutioning

The in-house KOL capability of more than 700, along with analytical and ML/AI capabilities, helps in presenting credible competitive information.

Who We Work With



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We strongly believe in women power. Our research team consists of more female than male i.e., 55 % females, and consists of PhDs, M Pharms, D Pharms, Postgraduate in finance, Biotech postgraduates and MBAs.

Our pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life sciences and med-tech expertise guarantee high-quality, white-labelled research coverage.