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ESG Consulting

Efficient ESG integration, management and informed decision making with bespoke sustainability consulting services and research support at multiple junctures in the value chain across stakeholder groups

ESG factors are increasingly playing a critical role in directing profitability, operational efficiency, due diligence practises, and divestments, among other things, in today's increasingly dynamic and volatile business landscape. ESG consulting services by SG Analytics help a diverse group of stakeholders make responsible decisions and enable companies to improve their sustainability performance.

Providing end-to-end support to clients in the UK, SG Analytics, one of the leading ESG consulting firms, helps businesses concentrate on enhancing their sustainable performance. SG Analytics has extensive experience in evaluating sustainability performance, improving the quality of disclosures, bridging gaps, tracking progress, and ensuring business continuity through resilience building. SG Analytics offers a one-stop solution for ESG management goals, assisting companies in recognising their market position as leaders and contributing to the overall productivity gains.

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Investment Research

Leverage custom research support across a broad range of asset classes to enhance investment decisions

SG Analytics provides high quality, comprehensive and customised investment and financial research services to its clients in the UK to help them negotiate financial markets, augment their portfolios and make strategic business decisions more efficiently. As one of the top financial and investment research companies in the UK, our team of highly talented and energetic financial research analysts ensure delivery of critical industry insights that help our clients meet their goals effectively. As part of our global investment research services, we offer customised study in equity, fixed income, currency and commodities market.

Market Research

Quantitative & Qualitative Market Research Services To Thrive In A Customer-First And Ever-Evolving Business World

As one of the best market research companies in the UK, we provide exclusive insights to strengthen business transformation. Our market research services leverage advanced technologies to provide actionable insights into marketplace, product, customers and competition. SG Analytics’ market intelligence services apply robust methodologies to ensure maximum research coverage.

As a futuristic market research agency, SGA incorporates advanced BI & visualisation techniques to convey findings via interesting and engaging stories and captivating reports and dashboards.

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Data Management & Analytics

Data Governance Consulting Services & Solutions

SG Analytics’ data management & analytics services offer a wide array of services under one umbrella – marketing analytics, competitive intelligence analytics, sales analytics and customer analytics. Capitalise on your enterprise data resources by leveraging our data engineering services.

As one of the leading data analytics and management firms in the UK, SG Analytics provides integrated enterprise-strength data governance services including consulting, development of quality data governance framework and implementation. Leverage our robust practices and industry-efficient processes to harness the full potential of your data, generate valuable business insights and ensure compliance with all regulatory standards.

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RPA Services

Leverage RPA To Increase ROI And Save Costs

SG Analytics provides best-in-class RPA solutions and consulting services to help enterprises evolve fast and amplify their business value. As one of the leading robotic process automation companies in the UK, our vision is to enable companies to augment productivity and performance via automation.

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SGA Edge

We get it.

Contextual understanding

We have a contextual understanding of our clients' problem statements. Grasping upfront what needs to be done and what data needs to be collected means that we get started straight away.

We let your data speak.

Data expertise

We know where data dwells - whether in clients' internal systems or in the public domain. We understand the source of data and apply the right set of methodologies, including optimum use of technology-led automation, to efficiently collate data.

We cater to 60 industries.

Sector expertise

We possess domain knowledge and sector expertise and ensure thorough research to better understand and organize data.

We visualize what matters.

Compelling storytellers

We leverage business intelligence to harmonize data and present our insights in a powerful visual format.

Our domain expertise

We develop, incubate, and scale platforms, products, and machine learning solutions that enhance our services and provide clients with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.


Strategic consulting: Primary & secondary research and consulting capabilities to aid data-driven decisions

Capital markets: End-to-end support for capital market participants across the data value chain, as well as generating actionable insights

Sustainability research: Support across data lifecycle (from aggregation to visualization) for rating agencies/data platforms, consulting for corporates, and ESG-integrated research for capital market participants


Robotic process automation across data & research related workflows as a bouquet of services underpinned by our four-stage ‘plan’, ‘implement’, ‘manage’, and ‘operate’ approach

Build custom applications & quality assurance tools to help organizations explore a wide range of business use cases that can be automated

DevOps & CI/CD pipelines knowledge helps quick deployment strategy for on-premise or cloud


BI visualization using custom-designed Tableau, Power BI dashboards to track online survey findings or other research insights

Execution capabilities across marketing analytics, consumer analytics, digital & web analytics, social media analytics, big data engineering, and visualization services

ML ops & data ops help to convert complex algorithm architecture to products with seamless data pipelines

A network with a world of benefits

We are a 950 strong family that delivers customized solutions to over 100 clients globally.

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