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Investment Research Services

Augment your investment decisions by edging appropriate research support across asset class spectrum

As one of the Prominent Financial and Investment Research Services Companies

SG Analytics provides high quality, comprehensive and customized investment and financial research services to its clients in the UK to help them negotiate financial markets, augment their portfolios and make strategic business decisions more efficiently. As one of the top financial and investment research companies in the UK, our team of highly talented and energetic financial research analysts ensure delivery of critical industry insights that help our clients meet their goals effectively. As part of our global investment research services we offer customized study in equity, fixed, income, currency and commodities market.
As one of the top investment research firms in the UK we provide expert securities research, corporate finance and valuation and data governance services.  

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SGA Edge

Who We Work With

  • Investment Banks

    Optimize research spend and increase the client-facing activity of onshore analysts

  • Asset & Private Wealth Managers

    Generate alpha, enhance the efficiency of advisory teams, produce compliance-oriented research (e.g. MiFID II)

  • Data Providers

    Efficient and scalable solutions to provide/maintain high-quality primary & secondary data

  • PE & VC Firms

    Granular, data-driven research for efficient capital deployment

Securities Research

Leverage SGA’s investment research proficiency to point out novice investment ideas among the evolving and evolved markets. Leverage our corporate finance services to

Securities macroeconomic research and investment research services in UK
  • Smart and Profitable investments with error-free data on company value and dividends, corporate actions, and stock split.
  • Downsize your time-to-market by mapping and analyzing extracted data from a third party and obscure sources through automation.
  • Generate alpha and identify optimal investment opportunities with our SGA’s talented GICS and multi-asset class intellects.
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Corporate Finance and Valuation

Analyse your statistical issues, upgrade your dividend policy, and optimize your capital structure with our investment research services.

Corporate finance valuation and investment research services in UK | SG Analytics
  • Minimize your time to create pitch books, precedent transactions and trading comps, and company profiles with technology.
  • Expertize insights to analyse enterprise and equity value of the business.
  • Leverage our product and multi-sector expertise on all parts of M&A, ECM, and DCM.
  • Enhance transaction life cycle, accelerate progress and performance among IB projects with our proactive finance research analyst’s expertise.
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Data Governance

As one of the top investment research firms, SG Analytics enables its clients to advance efficiently with data-centric decisions.

Data governance company and investment research services in UK | SG Analytics
  • Industry competent measures and robust procedures to strengthen data intelligence and data-driven insights.
  • Improve data compliance, quality, and integrity with our data analytics service.
  • Leverage data matching and optimal data asset management strategies to lead digital growth and upgrade data security and privacy.
  • Automated Tactical remediation and data de-duplication to increase data consistency.
  • Data governance integrated with data literacy and data catalog to enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate strategic productivity.
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