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Marketing Analytics Services

Leverage our marketing analytics services to empower your brand and drive business growth

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Why are Marketing Analytics Services Crucial to Businesses?

The advent of technology advancements is generating an unending flood of information. Customers now know more about a product or service than ever before.

As an established marketing analytics services firm in the UK, SG Analytics provides consulting services such as social media listening, web analytics and marketing analytics to help clients keep pace with the ever-changing market dynamics, identify and seize potential opportunities, and build data-driven marketing strategies.

SG Analytics’ marketing analytics services provide precise and valuable insights to optimize your go-to-market and product launch strategies, capitalise and expand into new markets, and maximise salesforce potential. Leverage our social media monitoring services to extract valuable customer and competitor information from social media data.

marketing analytics services

What We Offer

At SGA, we use ML-driven algorithms to help our clients in the UK define optimal offline and online marketing plans, target the right set of customers for your brand and measure ROI.

  • Robust marketing analytics services that help measure marketing ROI to optimise marketing spend and streamline the resource allocation process
  • Robust customer segmentation techniques and targeting tools to simplify market segmentation and improve brand positioning
  • Marketing analytics to measure and analyse marketing performance and marketing campaign effectiveness, and optimise campaigns to target and reach out to the right customer at the right time and augment returns

We have notable expertise in providing social media listening and monitoring solutions to our clients in the UK, helping them process massive amounts of data generated at incredible speeds. We also help identify the right signals from all the noise as well as the right trends for your brand to leverage in order to make maximum gains.

  • Social media monitoring to carefully listen to what people say about your brand, products and competitors.
  • With our data analytics services gain actionable business and consumer insights by garnering and analysing relevant social media data
  • Sentiment analysis to understand customer sentiments and measure customer satisfaction to improve products or services
  • Social media analytics via frontier technologies such as text mining and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to assess social media conversations and identify positive, negative and neutral comments.

Our solutions help our clients in the UK derive the maximum ROI on marketing spend through optimal spend allocations across the most effective marketing channels. If you are an online business, we are highly proficient in curating the right models and strategies that help transform visitors into paying customers.

  • Multi-channel market mix models to optimise spend and analyse the effect of various marketing tactics on sales, and estimate the impact of future tactics
  • Conversion modelling to build extremely accurate predictive models to identify and convert visitors into potential customers, and increase conversion rates
  • Comparative marketing analytics to optimise marketing budgets and assess performance across different marketing channels


Better Positioning

Enhance brand positioning with targeting tools and precise customer segmentation techniques

Sentiment Analysis

Assess consumer satisfaction and sentiment for improving products or services

Improved Conversions

Improve conversion rates by converting website visitors into paying customers through conversion models

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