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15 Strategies Redefining Success for UK SMEs

Strategies Redefining Success for UK SMEs
Published on Aug 30, 2023

15 Strategies Redefining Success for UK SMEs

The metrics for success in business might vary widely from one organization to the next. Different people place more value on measures related to sales or social effects.  

Many successful firms create enough earnings to allow owners—possibly shareholders or investors, depending on the sort of business—to grow their businesses and live well. To achieve a better work-life balance, develop an environmentally friendly product, or offer a service with a social goal, some small business owners are willing to forgo a percentage of their income. The definition of business success varies widely from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. 

While it's thrilling to launch a new company, it may be challenging to figure out how to grow it once it's up and going. It's not simple to expand a tiny company. It's normal to face challenges, whether you're a brand-new company or have worked for the same company for several years.  

If you feel like your company is in a rut, you aren't alone in that perception.  

Strategies for Successful SMEs in the UK 

Here are a few tactics SMEs can use to recover financially when cost increases throughout the SME sector continue to impact business cash flow: 

Break Into New Markets 

This strategy for growth aims to increase market share by selling more of the same products or providing more of the same services to existing clients in the same market. This strategy of little danger is widely used by SMEs. Most brands and businesses, as you might imagine, strive for better-than-average or good market penetration. The financial benefits of a high rate of penetration can be seen right away. 

New Markets 

Market Development 

If your growing company is having problems making a name for itself in your current market (perhaps as a result of intense competition), market expansion or development may be the way to go. Market expansion is the process of selling already existing products or services in new markets (e.g., a new country or demographic) in order to increase sales and market share. To get the greatest results, you need to do extensive market research to learn everything you can about the new industry and your prospective clients. 

Market Segmentation 

Marketing expansion divides a market into different segments, such as: 

  • Geography 

  • Demographics 

  • Market behavior 

  • Customer behavior 

Smaller companies facing out against larger competitors may benefit from this growth strategy. Market segmentation allows you to identify and focus on an area of the market that your rivals have not yet conquered. 


Diversification is a growth strategy that involves expanding into new markets by selling new products or services. This expansion plan is not without serious peril. It has the potential to provide very large returns, but only if substantial financial resources are allocated to its implementation. 

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Cost reduction 

A cost-cutting strategy can increase profits and provide additional capital for growth. Success is more likely for your business if you can keep operational costs low without sacrificing quality. 

Here are a few easy ways to put cost reduction into practice: 

  • Use accounting software to keep track of expenditures. 

  • Avoid paper usage as much as possible. 

  • Analyze all of your company's processes, and when possible, automate them. 

  • Reduce your reliance on conventional marketing strategies and concentrate most of your marketing efforts online. 

  • If necessary, consider outsourcing. 

Customer retention 

Customer retention refers to the methods used to keep current customers as well as attract new ones who will become regulars. For this to work, you must first earn your customer's trust. 

Keeping customers happy might help you save money in the long run by avoiding the cost of acquiring new ones. Customers who buy from you again are more likely to spend more money, and brand advocates who tell their friends about your business can play a significant role in your company's growth. 

Alternative channels 

Especially in the modern digital era, utilizing non-traditional avenues for corporate expansion is becoming increasingly common practice. It's the practice of promoting a business, communicating with potential clients, and ultimately closing a sale through another medium. 

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Examples of using alternative channels are: 

  • Selling products through a third-party 

  • Using Google Ads to promote your business 

Obtain funding 

Investment is required to expand a firm, either financially, in terms of product offerings or distribution channels, and this funding may originate from outside the company. Small enterprises can choose from a wide variety of financial options. There is always money available for startups, but it helps to gain the trust of potential financiers with a solid business plan and accurate projections before applying for any kind of loan. Check out our manual for more fundraising ideas. 

Create a reliable team

It's impossible for a single entrepreneur to handle all aspects of running a business successfully. Experts and business coaches can help you improve in areas where you lack experience, and they can also help keep you on track to achieve your goals. 

Explore various sales channels

The process of creating a sales strategy is similar to that of creating a marketing plan. It may take some time to figure out what works and what doesn't, but sticking with it will be rewarded. Large corporations and the government are two underappreciated potential clients. The government's promise to buy a sizable portion of its goods and services from small businesses is a huge boon to expanding companies. Large firms are the ones creating supply chains, and these businesses always want to associate themselves with fresh, innovative minds. As a result, their local merchant partners gain exposure to new potential buyers. 

Keep your customers happy

People who enjoy the products or services they purchase are more likely to return and tell others about them. Customers are loyal to a company not only because of the value they find in the products or services it provides but also because of the quality of the service they receive and the company's commitment to continually improving that service. 

definition of business success

Accept the change 

There are always obstacles for businesses to overcome, such as dwindling demand in the market, new competitors, difficult customers, and POS system issues. Success, however, can be achieved via nimbleness, adaptability, and the willingness to pivot. When faced with difficulties, such as low sales, it may be necessary to double down on one's efforts while simultaneously remaining flexible and open to new ideas and approaches. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of adopting new technology, such as a new payroll system or a complete system revamp. Owning a business requires careful research, as "new" does not automatically equate to "better" or "faster." 

Opt for a Coworking area 

Surely, you've seen that sharing office space is becoming increasingly popular amongst companies. This helps save money on monthly office rent. In addition, some of these coworking spaces have splurged on amenities like high-end furnishings, meeting and video conferencing rooms, lightning-fast internet, and so on. Check out some of the best current UK coworking options. 

Study your competitors 

You can see this phenomenon at work in the top media outlets across the board, from television networks to newspapers. Competition is severe for elite personnel even among the largest internet businesses, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and YouTube. You, as a business owner, should take note of what your rivals are doing. Learn from their successes and mistakes. Go to business-related events like seminars and conferences to get the ideas and information you need to expand your company. 

Engage in social responsibility

A company's performance can be gauged in several ways, one of which is a positive net income. Even if money is short, there are still ways to help others and give back to the community. Volunteering at a business-related event, donating a product or service, visiting a local school to make a speech or acting as a mentor are all great ways to give back to the community. Owners can give back to their communities by making a commitment to use only raw materials obtained ethically. 

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15 Strategies Redefining Success for UK SMEs


Conduct some research to determine which one or two marketing platforms will be the most advantageous for your specific business, and then dedicate your efforts to using those platforms.  

You may, for instance, try paid advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, face-to-face networking, direct mail, or even social media marketing. Do not put undue strain on yourself by trying to accomplish too much all at once. 

This is not everything that a business needs, of course, and your demands may differ depending on the field or industry you work in, but this is a strong foundation on which to build a successful firm. 

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