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Market Research Services

Market research is a significant investment for any company, but it’s one investment which successful companies make again and again.

SG Analytics offerit’s expert qualitative and quantitative market research services to its customers across the UK. We support our clients in building competitive strategies that enhance consumer behavior comprehension and prediction and, spotlight improvement opportunities by conducting product-specific researchAs one of the top market research companies in the UK, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative market research services to help our clients identify growth and competitive strategies based on an in-depth understanding and assessment of the market. Our sector specialists and consultants are highly adept at scrutinizing data and generating actionable insights.   

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SGA Edge

Who We Work With

  • Corporates

    Insights that enhance understanding of current and target markets.

  • Technology & Management Consultants

    Opinion pieces and thought leadership collateral.

  • Market Research Firms

    Key insights that drive strategic inputs for end-clients.

  • Boutique Research Firms

    Sector experts across BFSI, PLS, TMT, Retail, and Auto.

Market Intelligence

With changing dynamics in the European market, companies based out of the UK, and EU need to re-work on their friendly strategies to keep the momentum high. Market research can help every company located in this region to find newer avenues and pockets to maximize this opportunity.

  • Field data collected by SG Analytics has helped several C levels take the right decision. Our data are available as raw, cleaned or analyzed to support the needs of the industry.
  • The sector expertise has been leveraged by >50% of the Fortune 500 companies who analyze valid underlying data to achieve acute insights.
  • In-depth primary and secondary research procedures with disruptive technologies have helped our clients uplift their business standards in the EU and abroad.
  • With more than a decade of experience in primary research across CATI, CAWI, FGD, and face to face interviews to gather market intelligence, SG Analytics is way ahead than it’s peers in terms of credible data analysis and timely delivery.
  • Our services include sophisticated data tabulation and visualization to identify current patterns and future trends within target markets, understand and map factors influencing consumer behavior.
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Business Strategy

Industries have been leveraging our qualitative and quantitative data to recognize growth opportunities and sketch compelling go-to-market strategies. We intend to partner with many more companies who are eager to explore new business opportunities, work on red ocean and blue ocean strategies with us, whether in EU or abroad. As a well-known market research agency, we are your local and trusted partners and shall remain available 24x7.

  • Apply our business consultant’s expertise to device competent multi-channel marketing plans, discern market dynamics, and spotlight appropriate target markets.
  • Leverage our market research specialists to consolidate your business strategy by integrating digitization and employ cutting edge technologies to gain better customer understanding and grow revenues.
  • Monitor and analyse your sales and marketing strategy progress; augment sales and marketing integration.
  • We enable businesses to plan practical strategies for acquisition and collaboration; identify progress opportunities by leveraging systematic and advanced frameworks like ANSOFF.
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