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  • Helping organisations embrace workforce transformation through digital assistants

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Leverage our Expert RPA Consulting Services and Solutions

SG Analytics provides best-in-class RPA solutions and consulting services to help enterprises evolve fast and amplify their business value. As one of the leading robotic process automation companies in the UK, our vision is to enable companies to augment productivity and performance via automation.

Why RPA Consulting is Important?

As one of the top RPA consulting companies, SG Analytics, assists organisations in identifying, designing, developing, testing, and managing RPA structures. We provide robust RPA consulting services wherein our expert technology team builds an automation roadmap by determining the RPA rollout plan and exploring different business use cases that can be automated. SG Analytics provides RPA consultancy, development & support services that enables businesses to embrace workforce transformation through digital assistants.

rpa services & consulting

What we offer

  • Automate identification and assessment of use cases: Streamline repetitive and rules-based processes with the assistance of SGA’s technology experts. We help clients to identify and assess the business use cases suitable for automation
  • Identify better-suited RPA rollout strategy and create a solid automation roadmap to plan and prioritize technological upgrades efficiently
  • SGA provides industry-best RPA services and solutions for frictionless automation of business processes. Our solutions are tailored and built on technical design and rigorously tested quality code that can handle exceptions
  • Our solution generation process involves enterprise system integration, intelligent automation integration and data extraction from multiple systems
  • Focus more on meaningful work by using SG Analytics’ proficiency in programming and managing process automation. We also assist in governing established operating models
  • Extensive change management support to maintain and upgrade automated processes and plan new releases
  • We provide bespoke services and support for clients to build, establish and manage RPA infrastructure, both at client premises and SGA. Our technical experts ensure that the RPA infrastructure meets clients’ requirements completely


Product & Platform Expertise

Cutting-edge tools to help organizations identify, design, establish, test, and manage RPA implementations

Technology Expertise

Our technology experts create a roadmap that covers not just technology, but every use-case that can be automated

Functional & Business Process Expertise

A deep understanding of every business process results in optimal RPA implementations

Who We Work With


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


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Meet Our Experts

The RPA research and consulting team represents over 13 years of experience in leading and innovating in digital operations, process automation, intelligent automation, and AI.

Deep focus on RPA and broader IA industrialisation; to scale end-to-end process transformation and optimisation, solve business problems, and deliver tangible value.