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Our guiding principles enable us to explore the power of possibilities




Our brand central idea, ‘enabling, efficient, scalable realities’, stems from our cardinal belief that when we set our minds to it, everything we aspire for is possible. Therefore, we embrace our work, governed by our values, with an unwavering focus on operational excellence so we can, at all times, ensure the quality of life for ourselves and everyone associated with us.

We aspire to be a ‘source’ company, the source of ease, joy, and grace for one and all.

Brand Values

Our brand values shape our successes and our collective well-being; the driving force that fuels our authentic and vibrant work culture – empathetic leadership, steadfast accountability, effortless co-creation, and uninhibited fun to create an enduring culture of excellence.


Leadership is empowerment. The subtle, positive shift of power


Accountability in holding ourselves to the highest standards of trust, excellence


Collaborating and co-creating to build enduring value for ourselves


Fun at work is when we are accountable for what we do; when we are passionate


At SGA, success for us is embracing our work governed by our values