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Top sustainable companies to follow in the coming year 2023

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Published on Dec 05, 2022

Top sustainable companies to follow in the coming year 2023

A growing number of businesses are refocusing their efforts on business intelligence's twin goals of cost reduction and increased environmental consciousness. Since many companies are looking for ways to green their operations, it's clear that business intelligence is a valuable tool for keeping tabs on progress and providing early warning of shifts in employee behavior. But even then, a defined plan to integrate business intelligence with environmentally friendly policies is essential. 

There is increasing demand for businesses to disclose and enhance their performance in environmental, society, and governance (ESG). Sustainability-related advisory investment has become a top concern as businesses realize the importance of easing into a more eco-friendly business model. Companies use a disproportionate share of the world's resources, with far-reaching consequences. If we want to keep the planet we live in habitable for the vast majority of people, not just a select few, we need to ensure that their sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution are all founded on sustainability principles. 

The long-term health of our planet is a critical issue today. Understandably, many of us feel confused about what to do next regarding concerns like global warming, increasing sea levels, and regular wildfires. To preserve Earth's natural resources, green technology companies are researching ways to do so. Teams of technologists working to improve the world's ability to conserve resources are practically writing our collective destiny. 

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Why it's essential to go green 

Since natural resources are still being used up, companies that need a lot of energy have become more environmentally aware than ever. This is because green initiatives save money, reuse resources, meet legal requirements, and help customers remember the company's name. 

Companies that are thought to care about the environment tend to have an excellent public image. This helps with how people see things and work in real life. It also has broader effects that go beyond the organization. However, using less energy and power will save you more money. Technology adoption organizations invest in research and development and support social action projects focusing on making products and internal processes better for the environment. This affects the environment as a whole in more ways than one. 

Sustainable Companies to follow in 2023  

Ecologically responsible businesses are anticipated to grow in popularity as environmental awareness rises around the globe. We evaluated each company based on several criteria, including how forward-thinking their technologies are, how eco-friendly their procedures are, and how involved they are in their local communities. Here are the top 10 green tech businesses to keep an eye on in 2023, as chosen by us: 

1. Ecobee 

Ecobee is an organization that creates high-tech, environmentally friendly household goods like programmable thermostats, smoke detectors, and energy monitors. A statement on Ecobee's website reads, "By linking millions of households, we're helping communities transition to greener energy and net-zero emissions." 

2. Veolia 

The Veolia group has set itself an ambition to be the benchmark corporation in the world for ecological change. In 2021, the Veolia group supplied 79 million people with drinking water and 61 million with wastewater service. Not only did it generate approximately 48 million megawatt hours of electricity, but it also processed nearly 48 million tonnes of garbage. 

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3. InnoCentive 

Since its founding in 2001, InnoCentive has assisted governments, public institutions, and nonprofits worldwide in harnessing their constituents' collective intelligence. With over 500,000 Solvers tackling problems from easing access to clean water at a household level to passive solar gadgets meant to attract and kill malaria-carrying mosquitos – InnoCentive has become the market-leading Open Innovation organization. 

4. West Paw 

West Paw creates safe and long-lasting pet supplies, including accessories, furniture, and playthings. These goods are manufactured using recyclable materials and are devoid of dangerous pollutants. To ensure that future generations can live in a world with a healthy Earth, productive jobs, and strong communities, West Paw's CEO, Spencer Williams, has stated, "Our work is to leverage our business as a force for good." 

5. Bloom Energy 

Bloom Energy is a producer of microgrids powered by hydrogen fuel cells. In the case of power outages or system disruptions due to weather, these self-sufficient microgrids will keep businesses and institutions online around the clock. Power from fuel cell microgrids is reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. 

6. Zipcar 

Zipcar is the most widely used car-sharing service in the United Kingdom. Access to vehicles and vans is available around the clock for members in and around their local areas. "Who needs their automobile in the city when you can access wheels whenever you want." On its website, Zipcar says, "Become a Zipcar member and enjoy the benefits of car ownership without the associated costs and hassles." We strive to improve the quality of life in cities by making them more accessible, affordable, cleaner, and environmentally friendly. 

7. Starship Technologies 

Starship Technologies manufactures autonomous delivery robots in many parts of the world. Thanks to a smartphone app, robots will be able to deliver packages, groceries, and food to customers at their convenience. Customers can follow their delivery robot's progress from start to finish using the app on their smartphone. 

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8. Enel X 

Innovating and sustaining the smart city revolution is the mission of Enel X. The company's strategy considers all aspects of a city's ecology, including but not limited to its lighting, infrastructure, transit, and urban planning. Enel X collaborates with local governments, communities, and stakeholders to provide state-of-the-art solutions for cities to be intelligent, efficient, welcoming, and sustainable. 

9. SunPower 

SunPower, a solar energy firm, has called Silicon Valley home since its inception. With over a thousand patents, this company is at the forefront of solar innovation and sustainability. When it comes to solar panel efficiency, SunPower's Maxeon cells are unrivaled. 

10. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters 

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters sticks to environmentally friendly techniques for producing their coffee, including organic cultivation and fair trading. They help over 2,500 coffee growers learn about water-efficient farming techniques and implement water-saving strategies like growing coffee trees and funding small-scale producers. 

Sustainable Business around the Globe 

Sustainability in business means running a business without harming the environment. Sustainable companies work with the local and global settings in mind and consider how their actions will affect people and the environment. These businesses care about making money, helping people, and caring for the planet. Keeping these three ideas in mind, companies can adopt and change business models and plans to make a meaningful program and strategy for sustainability. 

Sustainable Strategy That Will Last 

Making the strategy is very important. It needs to have an effect while still being doable. Some companies like Apple, Tesla, and Nike have found ways to incorporate sustainability into their business plans and models. They do this by being open about their efforts and addressing problems with their materials. By doing this, these companies are giving their customers a way to hold them to the standards and goals they have set for themselves now and in the future. 

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Even though it takes time, money, and planning to create and implement a sound sustainability strategy, the payoffs and return on investment are big. Businesses that switch to a sustainability strategy can save and make much more money. A business's reputation and competitive edge on the stock market can also be improved by having a sustainability plan. Demand for sustainable products and brands has increased in our society, so there is much room for growth and market share gains. Countries worldwide have taken steps to help with sustainability, and businesses that work in those countries can make a big difference. 

Need for sustainability in Companies  

No matter how sustainable a business is, its effects are felt by everyone. Discussions concerning the organization's efforts to become more sustainable should include board members and employees. All parties concerned should collaborate to determine which sustainability-related issues warrant priority attention. Picking a few topics is a better way to move to a more sustainable operating model since it's only possible to fix some problems at a time. Starting with a goal that can be reached will help the company build a sense of accountability and become as sustainable as possible. 

Without sustainability, our world will always be different in the wrong way. One person can develop a sustainable way of life, but it will have a more minor effect than if businesses and corporations worldwide did the same thing. 

How can companies be more sustainable? 

A company committed to sustainability also shares a commitment to ethical consumption and production. This would require them to ensure that their supply chain is conducive to achieving environmental goals, including combating climate change, protecting marine life, and preserving terrestrial habitats. 

To further promote gender equality and to decrease inequities, companies would examine their staffing and management structures. They might take stock of the areas immediately surrounding them and determine what steps they can take to help bring about improved health and well-being, more educational opportunities, improved access to potable water and sanitation, and more sustainable urban environments. To make a positive impact on the world, corporations and organizations might adopt the following practices: 


Connect with the requirement. 

Teams advocating for sustainability initiatives within large organizations need to design and measure metrics that align with the interests of internal stakeholders, i.e., how they will be individually empowered to improve corporate sustainability to obtain support from those stakeholders. 

Restore public confidence 

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, confidence in the corporate sector has been low. Leaders in the business world must collaborate to win back the faith of the general public and that of their clients, workers, and neighbors. This includes fixing up their license to do business legally. Long-term success in restoring public faith in business can be achieved through collaborative efforts between companies and governments, customers, workers, and civil society; making positive contributions to the community; and transparently sharing information about these positive, long-term interactions. 

Put sustainability at the core of your values

Assimilation, mobilization, and transition are the three methods for integrating sustainability into an existing firm, with the transition being the most effective in the long run. To a certain extent, businesses that choose a transitional strategy will maintain the way they've always done business, but they'll also make changes by sustainability principles. Training, communication, and recruitment efforts on a massive scale were primarily responsible for this success. 

Perform research 

Companies who merely care about sustainability on a superficial level will adopt whatever widely accepted sustainability practices are in vogue at the time. Their marketing plan often includes this tactic to attract more customers and strengthen their brand. However, rather than being a part of a complete sustainability strategy, these activities are frequently utilized to merely "pay lip service" to the concept of sustainability. Instead of attempting to apply broad sustainability concepts to a firm, the most crucial step is to address individual sustainability concerns. This calls on the company to prioritize the issues that matter most to them and devise a plan to implement those priorities. 

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Applying a sustainability lens to all aspects of the business may necessitate a shift in business strategies. New ideas will undoubtedly surface due to the need to refocus the company's goals on environmental responsibility. Some instances include: enabling CEOs and other company leaders to prioritize long-term success by prioritizing sustainability in their operations, planning, and product development. Part of this is promoting goods and services that help people think about the future—using long-term development goals to guide leadership development strategies. 

Include diverse leadership

Sustainable businesses look to the SDGs to improve their operations and reduce their environmental impact. These include more equality, fair salaries, and investments in diversity and the environment. If you're trying to launch a brand-new business initiative, like a sustainability project, having a diverse team can help you see things from many angles and develop creative solutions. 

Create a long-term, comprehensive vision

Understand that sustainability is more than a token response to keep consumers happy. Sustainable businesses set targets that are well-researched and achievable. Contributing to feeding programmes, increasing educational opportunities inside and outside the firm, or even more audacious targets like launching supply chain-wide sustainability initiatives are all possible targets. 

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Be accountable and constantly improve

As stated, with amplified transparency comes accountability. These drive change and improve results, which is key to successfully rolling out corporate sustainability programs. 

Embrace competitors as collaborators

When a critical player in a field becomes overtly sustainability-focused, it motivates others within that sector to follow suit. Sustainable firms welcome this kind of rivalry not only because of the good it does for the planet but also because it keeps them on the cutting edge of sustainability technology. To achieve achievements that would be unattainable for a single company, leaders will often form partnerships with similar competitors and nonprofits. Leaders attuned to their competitors' tactics should accept crucial components of their strategy as their own. 

To Sum Up 

These are some of the top green tech companies believed to perform well in 2023. These businesses are prepared for rapid growth in the future years to meet the rising demand for green technology and environmentally friendly goods and services. Fortunately, many other companies out there value environmental and social responsibility as much as they do profit. 

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Building a Greener and Sustainable Future   

Before 2023, accountability was seen as pleasant, but that's starting to change. The epidemic refocused attention on sustainability and clean energy. Sustainability, which was previously an overarching issue, is now a key focus for every company. This presents a unique chance for businesses to evaluate their current state and consider how they could reduce their carbon footprint in the near and far future. 

There is an increasing effort by companies of all kinds to combat the effects of climate change. They no longer include it in the brand's mission statement, but it has become a unifying notion that drives them to carry out essential tasks. 

Companies are developing brand-new, long-term plans. They are stepping up their efforts to lessen their environmental impact by using cutting-edge machinery. This allows them to protect their workers' interests while maintaining open communication. By 2023, brands that need to put sustainability first will have already lost the race. 

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