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Market Intelligence Services

Track your competitors' activities, industry events, customer behaviour and market dynamics

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Why Businesses Need Market Intelligence Services

In today’s fast-changing business environment, organisations need the assistance of market intelligence companies to identify and seize potential opportunities and overcome business obstacles.

As one of the leading market intelligence companies in the UK, SG Analytics is proficient in collecting, processing and assessing market intelligence. Our deep understanding of global market intelligence enables us to provide robust and relevant information that will empower companies to make business-relevant strategic decisions.

Collaborate with our sector experts to gain deep insights into your marketplace, competitors and customers, and construct custom-built competitive strategies.

Market Intelligence Services Company

What We Offer

We provide tailor-made solutions using qualitative and quantitative research techniques, focus groups, purchase history analysis and product reviews, facilitating the innovation process, insights understanding and marketing delivery. SGA’s bespoke analysis and insights help clients understand the deeper nuances of customer behaviour. We study consumer data to gain insights into consumers – who they are and their motivations. We leverage customer segmentation through primary research to understand their buying behaviour and purchase decision-making to craft detailed customer personas and customer journey maps, which enable personalisation of products and services based on customer needs.

  • Deepen your understanding of the factors that influence customer behaviour and purchase decisions
  • Gauge customer satisfaction, churn factors, pain points, expectations and the level of loyalty
  • Enhance value proposition, eliminate adoption barriers and drive innovation with valuable consumer insights
  • Assess buyer personas, identify touchpoints and build personalised marketing strategies with customer segmentation

We are experts in evaluating ideas, concepts or opportunities, which enable us to decide if there is sufficient strategic, market and financial sense in product development after continued consideration. We have been instrumental in helping organisations identify and evaluate the attractiveness of business opportunities. We are adept at conducting opportunity analysis in order to establish demand and competitive analysis to examine market conditions and consequently devise holistic strategies.

  • Identify, assess and prioritise opportunities on the basis of profitability, RoI, feasibility, risks, breakeven point, time-to-profit, etc.
  • Comprehensive geographic and demographic report to help clients evaluate market size and industry spend
  • Identify market vulnerability and forecast response to product or service development
  • As a futuristic marketing intelligence firm, SGA helps in price optimisation and assessment as well as effective pricing-strategy building
  • Our market intelligence services entail the use of frameworks such as SWOT, PESTEL and BCG Matrix for opportunity assessment

As a leading market intelligence company, we at SGA are adept at providing a holistic approach towards gaining all-round understanding of competitor history, interpreting past events and forecasting future strategies. We leverage seasoned competitive intelligence research to understand current and future competitors, their present businesses and future aspirations – how their actions might affect the client and well-thought-out response strategies. Through our competitive intelligence insights, we also evaluate how competitors might be disrupted by unforeseen market factors, both in the present and in the future, thereby converting available information/data into intelligence that is instrumental in supplying a real-time view of the competitive market landscape.

  • Robust reports that help gain in-depth knowledge of the competitors’ target markets, their market position, target customer base, strategic goals and management profiles
  • SG Analytics’ competitor analysis delivers an in-depth description of your competitors’ background, their products, strategies, finances, personnel, press releases and significant forecasts
  • Know your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, distinguishing features and successful strategies with our competitive intelligence services
  • Market intelligence report to foresee the competitor’s next step, recognise past disruptions and assess events
  • Comprehensive competitive market intelligence to understand competitors’ strategies and their R&D approach including technology roadmap, product pipeline and PLC management objectives

SG Analytics’ benchmarking initiatives are a part of a continuous improvement process. We ensure that the progress being made stays aligned with the set strategic objectives and take the learnings from the benchmarking process to refine and re-define future strategic objectives. With our insights benchmarking, we help our clients in the UK gain better understanding of the best systems and practices that are crucial for invigorating the management of their own supply chains and prioritize the opportunities that exist to achieve business goals and surpass industry benchmarks.

  • Analyse business position and performance in the market against your competitors
  • Market intelligence research and analysis services to identify potential opportunities, gain competitive advantage, understand relative cost position and improve performance
  • Regular and balanced scorecards that include aspects such as competition and industry specifics
  • Gather best practices from multiple industries using cross-category benchmarking



Ability to deploy a combination of desk research and interviews/surveys to deliver insights

Rich insights

Leverage in-house panel of senior sector executives for rich qualitative insights

Enable outcomes

Focus on enabling business outcomes beyond just a set of delivery artifacts

Custom framework

Customised framework using a combination of secondary research, survey and qualitative discussions

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