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Business Strategy Support Services

Explore new markets and expand your businesses with our business strategy & consulting services

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Why Leverage our Business Strategy Consulting Services?

As one of the leading research and analytics firms in the UK, SG Analytics’ business consultancy services provide data-driven insights to achieve your goals in any market.

We provide consulting for building sales and marketing strategy and business expansion strategy to global clients across multiple sectors. Collaborate with SG Analytics to explore markets confidently and establish long-term relationships with your customers in the new market.

Leverage our business support services to address the challenges sprouted from alterations in industry regulations.

Business strategy support Services

What We Offer

Our go-to-market strategies are painstakingly created in order to reach the relevant audience using an impactful marketing plan and sales strategy. Our strategy includes the value matrix with powerful messaging, which is tested in advance to be able to understand the buyer’s journey, optimise sales strategy, build brand awareness, create demand generation from varied channels and decrease the customer acquisition cost.

As part of our specialised go-to-market strategy services, we map a market problem and the solution offered by a particular product through its product positioning to help customers understand the value of the new offering.

  • SG Analytics provides consulting services to build go-to-market strategies to thrive in a new market
  • Gain thorough knowledge about your new market conditions, competitive landscape and regulatory frameworks of the market
  • Our business strategy support services help build effective brand activation strategy and establish long-term emotional connections with customers
  • Build a multi-channel marketing plan to drive customer acquisition and perform marketing mix optimisation
  • Assess the performance of your marketing channels granularly

At SGA, we are experts in creating business strategies that include competitive plans aimed at achieving business goals, enhancing the customer experience, attracting new customers and strengthening the business performance.

We are adept at creating integrated frameworks to assess business opportunities and challenges, and identifying product-specific research to be able to understand product feasibility across both domestic and international markets to comprehensively plan business expansion.

Our seasoned strategies for business expansion comprise increasing product offerings, exploring and tapping into varied market segments and increasing channel distribution.

  • Use customised frameworks to help companies explore new markets and build growth strategies
  • SGA provides a detailed execution plan for your business expansion strategy
  • Assess both domestic and global markets by leveraging our business strategy services
  • Gain competitive advantage, construct acquisition and engagement strategies that befits your target market and customer base

At SGA we have been early adopters of digital transformation that has been disrupting relevant sectors and markets. We are committed believers that in today’s age and time, economic potential is directly linked to digitisation. We firmly believe that ‘digitisation changes everything’, impacting industry boundaries, and that agile is the new way to compete and thrive.

We use digital transformation to our advantage by creating digital business models, building flexible IT infrastructure and establishing agile methods in product development in order to ensure that information, communication, processes and services are all networked through digital platforms.

  • Keep track of digitisation trends across the value chain and assess its impact
  • Spot gaps in customer-centricity and weigh your organisation’s preparedness for digitisation
  • Build digital strategies that will help you capture potential business opportunities across the globe
  • Deploy the capabilities of data analytics to glean actionable consumer insights

At SGA, our sales and marketing charter is focused on examining the current and future market trends so that we can strengthen relationships with customers and clients, understand their needs better and craft winning strategies for all involved. We are adept in using competitive intelligence to sustain and enhance market share for our customers.

Our services and solutions are customised, making us more competitive and well positioned to deliver enhanced ROI. We lead charge with insights and innovation, and align sales and marketing to create impactful value propositions ensuring sustainable growth and client success.

  • Multi-channel attribution models to monitor and evaluate your sales and marketing channels’ performance
  • Set up integrated marketing campaigns that are in line with your sales activities
  • Straighten the alignment between your business strategy and your branding and marketing activities
  • Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your sales and marketing teams via automation
  • Wide range of CRM and tracking tools for end-to-end customer tracking


Product thinking

Unique perspective on working with tech companies and bringing Product thinking

Deep expertise

Experienced consultants with deep sector expertise and rich experience


Rich exposure to a broad range of use cases across sectors globally


Research findings augmented with analytical capabilities to generate sharper insights

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Providing holistic services in developing and preparing varied business strategies across new product or service development/innovation, technology, and financial advisory services, and insights from customer experience enabling to focus on the need-gaps.