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Benefits of Outsourcing Private Equity Service and VC Research to SG Analytics

As an expert in the private equity & venture capital sector, SG Analytics provides a comprehensive range of private equity services to help our clients extract utmost value from existing investments, enhance their portfolios and identify great investment opportunities.

A partner of choice for leading investment and asset managers, SG Analytics provides robust private equity consulting services that support all aspects of the PE/VC investment cycle. 

Leverage our investment research services to analyse companies, deals, funds, investors and service providers. Also, our years of expertise in technology and analytics will help you expedite your projects and monitor... Read More

Private Equity and VC Research Services

What We Offer

We conduct in-depth industry and company screenings to identify the most suitable investment targets.

  • Quantitative and qualitative parameters to check for private and public players
  • Get a quick overview of the business model, size, financials, offerings and management of the identified target companies
  • High-level overview of the target industry or sub-segments of the industry, its market size, key drivers, growth potential and challenges
  • Review the current valuation in the short-listed sector to discern its overall growth potential as well as value attractiveness
  • In-depth research across given economies to analyse the robustness of regulations, corporatisation and other macro-economic parameters

As a private equity consulting service provider, we analyse investment targets by developing precise understanding of the business model, industry drivers, financial forecasting, and due diligence. 

  • Industry and company-specific detailed analysis to understand the company’s growth potential and assess if the company’s strategies are in line with its growth potential
  • Assumption-based financial model to calculate the future performance of the target company
  • Multiple approaches such as DCF, relative, SOTP to perform a detailed valuation analysis on the target company and estimate the fair value of the company
  • Compare the target company against its peer group, at both operational and financial fronts, to evaluate the target company’s performance
  • Construct key investment arguments such as pros & cons for the target company, e.g. financial performance, market position, business model, bargaining power in the value chain, etc.

We monitor the performance of the portfolio companies by conducting performance benchmarking, tracking the operating industry environment, maintaining dashboards and conducting valuation mark-up analysis and other exercises.

  • Regular tracking of portfolio companies’ KPIs to predict performance and the factors driving it
  • Design engaging dashboards to continuously monitor key indicators of operating industries of the portfolio companies
  • Deeply analyse the difference between the actual and expected financial performance of the portfolio company and the reasons behind the variance
  • Measure the performance of portfolio companies and its peer group across financial and operating parameters, and analyse the reasons for the same
  • Calculate the carrying value of portfolio companies based on their actual performance, change in financial model and market conditions

We provide support for various value-maximising initiatives for the portfolio companies, resulting in favourable returns for investors.

  • Support in planning value-driving activities such as market identification, attractiveness assessment and vendor selection
  • Bottom-up and top-down approach to calculate the market size
  • Revenue enhancement and cost reduction analysis across business units as well as geographical locations, cost structure analysis, scenario and sensitivity analysis, distribution network and variance analysis
  • Product/service-specific competitive pricing analysis to build/optimise pricing strategy for portfolio company
  • Analysis of business model, growth potential and financial performance to identify potential targets for acquisition, JV and partnerships

We are experts in formulating and assisting funds for streamlining the exit process and determining the right exit strategy.

  • Detailed assumption-based financial models to help portfolio companies provide estimation tools for potential buyers to calculate financial expectations under various situations
  • Detailed valuation model for portfolio companies to justify their value to potential buyers
  • Draft confidential information memorandums (CIMs) for portfolio companies underscoring investment thesis and potential risk mitigation factors
  • Understand the environment, bargaining power and valuation range by tracking the operating-sector deal activities of the portfolio company
  • Generate a detailed list of potential buyers for the portfolio company – strategic (competitor, peer, on value chain, etc.) and financial (secondary market sale to a different PE fund)

We have expertise in providing integrated, end-to-end presentation services to our PE/VC clients in the UK.

  • Well-equipped presentation services to help you create vibrant and impactful designs and presentations
  • Presentation support: Convert raw ideas into well-garnished slides, create bespoke charts/graphs/slides/layouts, and format and upgrade pitchbooks and investment memos
  • Design and layout support: Designing of marketing flyers, brochures, client reports, factsheets, investment committee memos, white papers, push e-mails, news digests, etc.
  • Automation and conversion support: Automatically convert data in MS-Excel files into engaging charts/slides, auto-update presentations when underlying data gets updated, auto-replication of non-editable PDFs/PPTs into thematic slides and convert hand drawings into thematic slides
  • Our experts use the best presentation software and related tools and continuously keep pace with emerging yet promising presentation software to deliver presentation support that exceeds client expectations



Expertise with market data sources leveraged by leading IB and PE firms

Expert talent

Highly qualified talent pool (with MBA Finance, CFA and CA background)

360° access

Access to a complete research ecosystem including data sources, graphics team, technology specialists and sector experts


Flexibility in choice of engagement models to quickly ramp up and ramp down


Prior experienced SGA analysts at top IB and PE firms add perspective

Sector expertise that encourages brainstorming and idea generation

Who we work with


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