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Strengthen your investment decisions by leveraging our custom research support across a broad range of asset classes

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As one of the Prominent Financial and Investment Research Services Companies

SG Analytics, one of the top investment research firms, provides high-quality, comprehensive, and customised investment and financial research services to its clients in the UK to help them negotiate financial markets, augment their portfolios and make strategic business decisions more efficiently. 

As one of the top financial and investment research companies in the UK, our team of highly talented and energetic financial research analysts ensure delivery of critical industry insights that help our clients meet their goals effectively. 

As part of our global investment research services, we offer customised study in equity, fixed income, currency, and commodities market. 

Investment Research services

What we offer

At SG Analytics, we provide expert equity research services to both buy-side and sell-side companies across the world. We are sector and domain experts; adoption of technology and service-driven culture enables us to be an ‘extended arm’ for our clients.

  • Financial modelling using historical financial data to determine the financial performance of a company, valuation, sensitivity analysis and structured forecast models
  • Qualitative and quantitative information on company background to help clients make informed decisions
  • Regular updates on news and events specific to your industry
  • Forensic research to identify corporate governance issues, accounting irregularities in financial statements, etc. and make successful long-term investments

As an investment research company, we are adept in providing bespoke research and analytics solutions to our global clients across the private and public debt spectrum, macroeconomics, compliance, and cross-asset strategies. As a trusted investment research firm, we blend domain expertise with a ‘client-first’ mindset in order to improve the quality of investment decisions using detailed fundamental research. 

  • End-to-end support across fixed income life cycle – identify potential investment opportunities, monitor coverage universe and evaluate prospective investments
  • Personalised and customised support across the fixed income spectrum – high yield, distressed debt and investment grade are also included
  • We provide comprehensive support across developed as well as emerging markets
  • Our support services across fixed income products include leverage finance, structured finance, money markets, US public finance and convertibles
  • Stress testing, indenture screening, scenario analysis, cash flow models and covenant headroom monitoring

With exhaustive experience in the space, we understand the distinctive needs of private banks and their end clients (HNWIs). Our solutions are flexible and customisable, and cater to relationship managers and analysts as well as regulators (e.g., MiFID II, HKMA, etc.). We leverage bespoke, automation-powered solutions that ensure the efficient coverage of large universes while ensuring that clients can differentiate from run-of-the-mill research.

  • Customised research solutions to meet specific and niche requirements of global private banks (MiFID II requirements, HKMA, etc.)
  • White-labelled and ready-to-publish research papers that resonate with the inhouse investment philosophy of the bank
  • Wide support in valuation, maintaining large universes and coverage – initiation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Automation and technology-driven solutions for streamlined production supported by low ‘time to market’ research
  • Ensure data security and confidentiality through excellent security controls

At SGA, an investment research firm, we provide action-oriented investment insights that help in alpha creation for hedge funds, active asset managers, alternative asset managers, independent money managers, mutual fund managers, and ETF (exchange-traded funds) managers. We are adept at leveraging technology to ensure efficiency by modernising traditional research approaches. 

  • Full-stack solutions for money managers across asset classes and investment strategies market neutral, macro-driven, distressed debt, long/short, etc.
  • Through-the-cycle research solutions – from idea screening to monitoring and reporting of fund performance
  • High degree of expertise in deep-dive financial modelling supported by customised and advanced analytical tools
  • Technology and automation solutions to overcome the limitations of the traditional research process to gain accurate outputs
  • Provide support for compliance and performance visualisation

We provide in-depth research and analytical support for a seamless deal execution experience covering all the aspects of deal making.

  • Multi-sector and product expertise across M&A, ECM and DCM
  • End-to-end support across the entire deal life cycle – deal origination, marketing and execution
  • Client service culture modelled to suit onshore banker’s style
  • Expertise across a broad range of market data sources used by IB firms
  • Multiple and flexible engagement models comprising dedicated resources, ad hoc support and output-based to meet the diverse needs of clients
  • SLA-based approach, process standardisation and context-led automation to improve efficiency and optimise spend on data sources.

We provide in-depth deal execution and monitoring services for PE funds across the investment cycle including capital deployment and fund raising.

  • Extensive support across the investment life cycle – this includes deal sourcing, target evaluation, investment review, value enhancement and investment exit
  • Rigorous industry and company screening processes to identify the most suitable and potential investment targets
  • Assess investment targets by understanding the business model, financial forecasting, industry drivers, due diligence support, etc.
  • Monitor performance of portfolio companies via performance benchmarking, maintaining dashboards, valuation mark-up analysis, tracking sector/industry environment and other necessary exercises
  • Devise optimal investment exit strategy by undertaking valuation analysis, developing information memorandums, recognising potential buyers, marketing teasers, managing data rooms, etc.


Scale & Flexibility

Flexible engagement models while leveraging automation to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Experience & Expertise

Covered over 4,000 companies and credits across 10+ GICS sectors

Contextual Understanding

Knowledgeable team of analysts with strong finance backgrounds and understanding of capital markets

Support Across Life Cycle

Proficiency in delivering rule-based tasks, analytical assignments as well as opinion-based research work

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Automation-powered, differentiated, and decision-oriented investment research support across sectors, asset classes, and regions for buy-side and sell-side.