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What We Offer

Through our team of experienced investment analysts, SGA offers customized services across the deal lifecycle. This includes pitch creation, live deal execution, and business development & marketing. We have expertise across domains, functions, and a wide array of sectors where we have helped investment banks in domestic and cross-border deals across developed and emerging markets.

Complementing this are our BIS/library services, graphics & publishing, investment banking analytics & reporting, and technology & automation support, which equip us with a comprehensive suite of skillsets we offer to our clients.

Win more deal mandates with SGA’s complete pitch services to investment banking consulting services firms covering end-to-end deal origination activities. Pitch service includes identifying target/buyer, trading comps, precedent transactions, industry research, macroeconomic research, competitive landscapes, company profiles, market mapping, sector research, financial modeling and valuation, pitch storyboarding, design, and progression.

Enhance bandwidth with our live deal execution service and focus more on client-facing tasks. Live deal execution service includes investment banking products like confidential information memorandums (CIMs), teasers, databooks, IOIs summary, management presentations, financial models, valuation, company/financial/commercial due diligence, fairness opinions, participation in management calls, draft term sheets, maintaining CRM and process logs, managing data rooms, and initial buyer/target outreach.

Increase your market presence with our business development and marketing support to improve brand positioning and visibility in target markets. Business development service includes brand design, brand artifacts, design standard templates, end-market mapping, identification, and analysis, key prospect identification and profiling, contact identification, email outreach, CRM creation and maintenance, process logs, M&A reports, thematic research, sector reports, IPO reports, market intelligence reports, blogs, and newsletters.

As a leading investment banking consulting services firm, SGA assists across the M&A deal lifecycle, including origination, marketing, due diligence, and business development support.​

  • Investment banking and corporate finance support across the M&A deal lifecycle, including origination, marketing, due diligence, and business development support​
  • Origination support covers target/buyer screening, trading comps, precedent transactions, company profiles, market mapping, sector research, financial modeling, and valuation
  • Marketing support includes pitchbooks, confidential information memorandums (CIMs), teasers, competitive landscapes, and case studies
  • Investment banking and corporate finance support across the M&A deal lifecycle, including origination, marketing, due diligence, and business development support​
  • Due diligence support covers financial and industry due diligence, fairness opinions, draft term sheet preparation, and CRM and data room management​
  • Business development initiatives include preparing thought leadership material, conducting thematic research, making market intelligence notes, and writing blogs, newsletters, and M&A reports​

SGA's investment banking solutions encompass end-to-end ECM services ranging from private placements to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Follow-on Public Offerings (FPOs).​

  • Qualitative tasks include ECM overview/newsletters, economic calendars, investor analysis & profiles, investor feedback presentations, and end-of-quarter/year IPO market overview reports
  • Quantitative tasks cover block trade activity, IPO comps, and primary & secondary market analysis​
  • Higher value-added tasks include dividend vs. buyback analysis, cross-holding analysis, capital structure analysis, and IPO valuation analysis​
  • Market intelligence support covers tracking new deals, market and sector deal trends, daily/weekly trading reports and maintaining the database for historical/pipeline IPOs, in addition to providing investment banking outsourcing support​

End-to-end DCM services range from execution support and market intelligence to pitch decks across various funding opportunities.​

  • Quantitative support includes credit positioning, new bond issuances analysis, covenant analysis/monitoring, and credit, leverage, and liquidity ratio analyses
  • Complex valuation and modeling support covers stress testing, cashflow modeling (ABS, RMBS, and CMBS), debt structuring, and headroom analysis​
  • Qualitative support includes credit memos, rating analysis, peer analysis, prospectus/OC writing support, financial disclosures, indenture screening & overviews, annual credit reports/quarterly watch lists, and deal overviews​
  • Market intelligence support covers maintaining deal and comp databases, analyzing new regulations and their impact, and periodic newsletters, in addition to providing investment banking outsourcing support

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