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The Metaverse: How is it Revolutionizing the Way We Shop?

The rising popularity of virtual reality (VR) along...

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Why is ESG not a priority for retail Investors?

Considerations around environmental and social factors still...

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Impact of the Corona Virus Pandemic on Luxury Retail

Industry experts have estimated that the novel coronavirus will cost the luxury retail industry approximately $40 billion....

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7 Top Retail Companies That Leveraged Data Analytics the Right Way

The digital era has disrupted almost every industry today. In the case of retail, big data is like a gold miner who can...

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GenZ''s - The New 'IT' Consumers for Retailers Today

The Shopper ecosystem has been continuously evolving across the globe right from Baby Boomers or...

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8 Retail Industry Trends That Will Shape 2019

Retail has been transitioning into a consumer-driven industry characterized by constant disruptions. The year 2019 is...

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Top 3 Pain Points of CMOs of Apparel, Fashion & Footwear Brands in India

Familiarity does not breed contempt. It instead inspires more forthcoming conversations. Some of which I had been lately...

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