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ESG Consulting Services

Customised research support and sustainability consulting services that helps clients make informed decisions through effective ESG integration and management at various points in the value chain across stakeholder groups

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Why Leverage our ESG Advisory Services?

ESG factors are increasingly playing a critical role in directing profitability, operational efficiency, due diligence practises, and divestments, among other things, in today's increasingly dynamic and volatile business landscape. ESG consulting services by SG Analytics help a diverse group of stakeholders make responsible decisions and enable companies to improve their sustainability performance.

Providing end-to-end support to clients in the UK, SG Analytics, one of the leading ESG consulting firms, helps businesses concentrate on enhancing their sustainable performance. SG Analytics has extensive experience in evaluating sustainability performance, improving the quality of disclosures, bridging gaps, tracking progress, and ensuring business continuity through resilience building. SG Analytics offers a one-stop solution for ESG management goals, assisting companies in recognising their market position as leaders and contributing to the overall productivity gains.

ESG & Sustainability Consulting & Advisory Services

What we offer

By leveraging our services, we enable capital market participants to stay ahead of the ‘benchmark’. We are experts in providing them with ESG profile commentary as a part of these services that consist of as-is-aspects of ESG integration in asset management. We significantly facilitate ESG performance, which involves evaluating portfolio performance across a variety of criteria and perceptions. In addition, we help our clients in this segment ensure resilience during challenging times. This is done by conducting an analysis of asset portfolios to determine the maturity and preparedness in order to be aligned with current and upcoming regulatory norms and mandates.

ESG profile commentary:

  • Selection Criteria: Norms based screening, ESG screening, ESG exclusions
  • Management Practices: Evaluation, Implementation, Communications
  • Thematic Indexing: Responsible Investing, Impact Investing
Assessing ESG Performance
  • Peer Benchmarking: Determining the market position
  • Controversies/Sentiment Analysis: Controversial litigations, Public perceptions, Social Media engagement

Ensuring resilience during dynamic times:

  • Evaluating Preparedness Level: of the organisation  that ensures the adaptation of the guidelines
  • Gap Analysis: which pinpoints various opportunities for further improvement
  • Strategy/Framework Formulation: this helps to create a road map and substantial processes that helps alignment
  • Framework Adherence: backed by step-by-step approach to implementation guideline

We use as-is evaluation and gap analysis as part of our ESG services for companies to help our clients achieve ‘sustainable’ competitive advantage. Assessment of critical business requirements, industry-specific issues and sustainability impacts of business and preferences of stakeholders is conducted across ESG indicators. We also utilise performance analysis to define disclosure discrepancies, processes, and governance structures.

  • Materiality Assessment: Key challenges and metrics in terms of the environment, economy, and society are identified and evaluated
  • Performance Assessment: Performance of pre-set KPIs is analysed and tracked
  • Maturity Analysis: Assessment of sustainability performance maturity to identify performance gaps
  • Peer Benchmarking: Analysing and understanding the practices of managing sustainability among peers
  • Critical Analysis: OFIs are identified, recommendations for improvement are made, compliance with globally accepted frameworks is ensured for effective reporting and disclosures

SG Analytics is a leading provider of data aggregation and analysis services to major ESG data platforms and rating agencies in the UK. As part of our data aggregation services, we compile, normalise, and analyse ESG data for equities and bonds across 1,000+ indicators, as well as perform extensive ESG controversy analysis. Our data analysis services include cleaning, transforming, and analysing data to draw concrete inferences that help all stakeholders make crucial decisions.

  • Company Level Self-Disclosed Data: Website and financial filings in addition to ESG reports and disclosures
  • Publically Available Data: Websites, NGOs, associations, and third-party reports
  • Controversy Research: Online publications, news, and social media
  • Research Insights: Discover actionable insights by integrating public disclosures with on-the-ground data
  • Peer Benchmarking: Conduct comparative study on ESG trends across industry peers with indicators conforming sectoral & industrial requirements
  • Gap Analysis: Determine the difference between the best possible outcome and the actual outcome to improve business performance


Bespoke ESG solutions augmented via flexible engagement models aligning with globally reported frameworks and guidelines

Consumable and clean data sets powered by automation and data analytics capabilities

Competent ESG research enabled via subject-matter and language proficiency across 12 Asian and European languages

In-depth subject matter expertise and research experience for 20,000+ issuers across holistic ESG performance indicators, sustainability themes and national/global disclosure requirements

Analytical capabilities enabling end-to-end ESG management and integration


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Our rich ESG experience helps organisations be proactive in achieving ESG eminence.