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Sales Analytics – Salesforce Analytics, Sales Forecasting & More

Equip your sales teams to deliver growth.

Sales Data Analytics

Distribution and sales continue to be an essential ingredient of a brand’s success. SGA’s sales
analytics helps track sales ​activities with the end goal of lead conversion and increased sales. ​
Distribution is one of the primary drivers of brand sales, across industries and markets. Anchor
our sales data analytics services to be present at the point of sale with a right mix of assortment
coupled with salesforce planning and effective in-market execution.​

Sales Performance Analysis

Our sales performance analysis assists clients to optimize their sales strategy to revamp
competitiveness and productivity. We provide sales data analysis to draft proper blueprints to
obtain actionable insights that meet organization goals and impacts productivity.

Why SGA ?


Territory and Salesforce Optimization

  • Sales performance Analytics: Measure and track the performance of your sales teams, to identify immediate gaps as well as adjust resource allocation basis demand potential. ​
  • Micro-market potential”: Carve your optimal sales route plans, prioritize on high-end dealers and locality pockets, determine assortment opportunities by trade areas​.
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Sales Forecasting

As one of the distinguished sales analytics companies, we understand predicting short term and long term sales are a core requirement for sales teams to work effectively. Most organisations track sales performance in real-time, which makes data management and analytics of this real-time salesforce data extremely crucial​.

Sales Forecasting - Sales Analytics
  • Sales Forecast: Build short-term and long-term forecasts for your brands and categories of interest by blending historical sales with related extraneous factors such as government policies, economic factors, events, etc.​
  • Prediction Refresh: Use forecasting simulators for a time-based refresh of your sales forecast models.
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Incentive Planning

Drive employee satisfaction by automatic linking incentives to goal achievements, to drive transparency and performance betterment. As one of the leading data analytics companies in the UK, we provide

Incentive Compensation - Sales Analytics
  • Incentive Measurement: Devise customised incentive that is streamlined and reward performers based on their performance levels.​
  • Performance benchmarking: Identify best performers within each cluster and benchmark, determine drivers of employee performance, provide automated inputs to employees for continuous improvement basis benchmark.
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Performance Tracking

Deploy our data analytics services to determine employee targets that they roll up to an organizational goal. Measure and monitor the contribution of KPI achievement on business goals through sales analytics dashboards ​

Measurement of sales performance | SG Analytics
  • Sales performance analysis: Create customized AI-driven business intelligence dashboards that track real-time performances.
  • Measure target achievement ratios: Build performance rating model basis quantifiable target achievement metrics​.
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