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Client Onboarding – Reduced the Outreach Timelines by 75%

Data Solutions - Client Onboarding


As part of document collection mandates of setting up individual accounts on third-party websites, this activity was earlier handled through end user-owned logins for 20+ client base with 500 logins, this increased challenges for the client due to high dependency on client to take account actions and resolve challenges such as access issue, password reset, adding new funds etc. This led to multiple communication channels and delay which ranged between 1 week to 1 month to resume collection activity.

SGA Approach

To efficiently manage the challenges and gain control over document collection process, SGA developed an Outreach workflow aimed at generating client owned logins & simplify document collection process. Consistent developments in the workflow enabled reduction in project cycle time by two-third


Outreach Management

Blended Workflow

  • 40% automated workflow
  • 60% manual workflow


Communication Cadence

  • Fund Managers
  • CSM
  • Data operations (SGA)
  • Analysts (SGA)


Process Engineering

  • Source data management
  • Contact person identification
  • Initiating bulk email releases
  • Email management
  • Maintain & update database
  • Fund manager requirement management


Centralised System

  • Client Account logins
  • Account setup
  • Communication tracking
  • Tracker maintenance
  • Client mailbox
  • Client document repository
  • Automated summary reports
  • Timely status update



  • Contact match for sourced data
  • Outreach emails (initial)
  • Periodical reports
  • Follow-ups with managers
  • Movement of data within stakeholders
  • Document collection



We created a proactive workflow to aid major work streams by reducing the logistic time from four weeks to one week, and further enable reduction in the processing time by 70% through means of automation and scalable workflows.

Benefits & Outcomes


  • 70% reduction in cycle time
  • Logistic setup time reduced from four weeks to one week


Key Takeaways


  • On-the-go data availability with accessibility limited to authorized users only
  • Real-time data mining with centralized data and trackers
  • Automated scheduled reports to meet business needs
  • Proactive workflow management for qualitative operational output
  • Diverse operational structure curated for every workflow structure
  • Structured cadence to manage agile workflow dynamics
  • Scalable workflow to reduce human intervention and manage multiple projects simultaneously with limited manual effort


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