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How We Helped a Renowned Private Equity Firm With Financial Planning & Analysis of Its Key Portfolio Company

SG Analytics PE Case Study How We Helped a Renowned Private Equity Firm With Financial Planning & Analysis of Its Key Portfolio Company


SGA was engaged by a renowned U.S.-based private equity firm to help with financial planning and analysis of its key portfolio company. The firm needed support in performing detailed financial analysis to support portfolio company tracking and key decision-making for its investment managers.


  • We created and maintained highly detailed financial planning and analysis models, based on budgeted, forecasted, and actual figures of the client's investment companies
  • We closely collaborated with the client's team to handle data requirements
  • We prepared weekly reports for the executive leadership’s review of financial performance and to provide decision-making support
  • We provided support on regular updates of monthly targets, based on financial parameters, to help brand managers forecast returns on their investments
  • We created highly automated and dynamic financial statements for portfolio companies on brand-specific and corporate vertical-specific levels
  • We prepared decks to help investment managers evaluate portfolio companies on operational and financial metrics
  • We provided interactive financial and KPI dashboards to help execute a time-series analysis of investments


Provide support with developing detailed and dynamic budget and forecast models, restructured, and automated the financial statement models, and investment decks for portfolio company performance review and tracking. 


The support provided by SGA played a crucial role in performing budgeting, forecasting, and financial performance analysis of portfolio companies, supporting major corporate decisions by investment managers, directors, and other  stakeholders of the client


SGA helped its client perform a strong, detailed, and continued FP&A of its portfolio company, aiding investment tracking and investment decisions

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