Case study

How We Helped a Large-Scale Private Equity Firm With Investment Theme Creation and Decision in the Healthcare Sector

SG Analytics PE Case Study How We Helped a Large-Scale Private Equity Firm With Investment Theme Creation and Decision in the Healthcare Sector


SGA was engaged by a recognized and large-scale U.S.-based private equity firm to identify and evaluate new opportunities in the healthcare space to allocate funds and add to its portfolio of companies. The firm was looking for full-service support, from the identification of potential targets to the evaluation of exit opportunities.


  • We performed deep-dive secondary research on the healthcare industry to identify an investment theme
  • We sourced a client criteria-tailored target list of potential investment opportunities within the elderly care sector in the healthcare space in the U.S.
  • We supported the preparation of investment screening memos for select inbound investment opportunities, leveraging company collaterals and financial packages
  • We performed competitive analysis and benchmarking to measure company performance and differentiation factors
  • We created a highly detailed and dynamic financial model providing analysis of various scenarios in terms of company performance and deal structure 
  • We performed an in-depth valuation of the target and helped gauge possible exit scenarios, timelines, and return possibilities
  • We created investment committee presentations and other collaterals to support investment decision making


Assistance throughout the investment process, including theme identification and industry deep-dive, target screening, creation of screening memos, competitor benchmarking, drafting investment committee decks, financial modeling, valuations and investment scenario analysis, and exit possibilities. 


  • Through an extensive review of the potential opportunities, industry dynamics, and shortlisted targets, the client was able to create an investment theme and make key investment decisions 
  • The detailed financial models, with multiple company performance, valuation, and exit scenarios, further helped the client shortlist and track investment opportunities


SGA helped its client to develop a research-backed thematic investment thesis and to make investment decisions to evaluate and add portfolio companies in the space

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