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How We Enabled a Leading EdTech Firm to Drive its Targeted Customer Acquisition Plans & Make Better Decisions

SG Analytics Data Analytics Edtech Case Study


Our client wanted us to help it with an integrated system of its several business functions. The client's data collation and consolidation were completely manual, which led to a time-consuming process with inconsistent output.


  • We integrated marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook (Meta), YouTube analytics, and other data on a cloud-based data warehouse.
  • We monitored end-to-end student journey till the time they enrolled for their preferred classes
  • We created a dynamic linkage of the integrated sales and marketing databases with the Business Intelligence (BI) front-end and delivered multi-layer customized dashboards across courses.
  • We generated 20+ Key Performance Indicator metrics like Sales Qualified Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads, and cost per lead.


We analyzed the as-is process and identified data sources and process-related gaps. We automated their processes through data engineering and BI services in the form of intuitive and effective dashboards.


  • Our solution helped the client save 500 Person Hours' worth of effort and helped take the right business decisions based on reliable and consistent data inputs.
  • This helped in enhancing the sales lead conversion rate through campaign effectiveness measurement.


  • We helped our client’s Sales & Marketing team to track campaign effectiveness optimally.
  • The team could identify the expected campaign effectiveness and change the tactics to reach the relevant target customer base.

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