Market Entry in 2023: Why Must You Also Look at Markets Other Than the US and Japan?

Due to dollar fluctuations and the likelihood of market recession, investors and manufacturers of medical devices and pharma are exploring new opportunities beyond USA and Japan in 2023. With industries identifying new avenues to design the best market entry strategy strategies in 2023 for each market, it is important for them to conduct thorough research on respective regions or customs to make strategies based on geography.

Key Takeaways

  • Dollar fluctuations and the looming market recession have compelled investors and manufacturers of medical devices and pharma to explore new opportunities beyond US and Japan.
  • By undertaking in-depth research, SG Analytic is assisting clients in tracking the markets based on their services and products. 
  • SGA's white-labeled and custom-built services make us the exclusive partner for our clients in the market entry in 2023.

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