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Intelligent Business Process Automation

Context-based automation to transform your processes.

SG Analytics helps transform your processes and make them highly scalable, automated and intelligent. Our services and solutions help maintain a highly reliable technology and process backbone for your business.

Key Focus Industries

Intelligent Content Aggregation

  • Faster and highly scalable data collection using automated solutions
  • Dynamic tagging and NLP-based decoding
  • Noise filters and spam removal
  • Fast, real-time insight generation
  • Research and analysis from unstructured content
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Multisource Data Acquisition

  • Acquire data from multiple sources and integrate into a unified platform
  • Automated high-frequency extract, transform, and load processes
  • End-to-end data standardization and management
  • Create a single view of data at rest and data in motion for structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data types
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AI and NLP-based Data Treatments

  • AI-based algorithms that correct and standardize data
  • Gradual training and learning systems to massage the data
  • Document classification and reading algorithms for big data
  • Intelligent data treatment and bundled solutions for data management
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Workflow and Business Process Automation

  • Create business rules and conditional logic systems
  • Business process and activity monitoring solutions
  • Event time-based triggers for ease of communication and coordination
  • Notification/assignment/escalation for process control
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