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How FIFA+ Can Revolutionize Sports Streaming?

According to viewership statistics, football is the...

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With Subscriber Rate Declining, What Does the Future Hold for Netflix?

The pandemic pivoted video streaming platforms like...

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How Is UK Inflation Impacting the Reduction in OTT Subscriptions?

The UK inflation rate is the highest it has been in the last...

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Data Science – The Secret Sauce of Netflix

There’s no doubt that Netflix has single-handedly changed the meaning of entertainment. Not only does this platform have...

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5M+ New Subscribers since The Lockdown – Which Is The Best Streaming platform in the UK?

In less than a decade, the phenomenal rise of video streaming services is nothing short of revolutionary. While competing...

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134% Rise in Content Consumption Impact of COVID-19 on OTT Platforms

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses and industries in unparalleled ways. It’s been nearly four months and...

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60% Upsurge in TV Ratings - Latest Trends in M&E Space

With coronavirus having unprecedented impact on  economies and industries across the globe,...

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