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Black Friday 2022: Will Inflation Impact Holiday Shopping for Consumers?

Predicted to be the busiest shopping day, Black Friday...

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More Machine, Less Emission: Retail Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Consumer behaviour has changed drastically in the last two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Once countries around the...

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What Is Video Content Analytics? Why 91% Of Digital Marketers Are Using It?

Video content analytics, also called intelligent video analytics has garnered interest all across the world in both industry...

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Impact of the Corona Virus Pandemic on Luxury Retail

Industry experts have estimated that the novel coronavirus will cost the luxury retail industry approximately $40 billion....

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The Future of Analytics in Luxury Retail

Luxury retail is all about fabulous customer experience. Pampering a customer as soon as he/she enters the store is something...

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Reinventing Omni-Channel Commerce with Digital Retail

Changing times are not bringing any easy moment for the brick and mortar retailers. Online retail businesses zoom along at...

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