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Russia-Ukraine Crisis; Global Stocks Plunge; Inflation Risk Looms; Whats Happening?

The rising geopolitical risks have already led investors to lessen bets on how aggressively the Federal Reserve may tighten...

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Global IPO Was Record-Breaking in 2021; Should We Be Preparing for Headwinds in 2022?

The “unicorn phenomenon” formed in private markets is now roiling public markets. Unicorns are...

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Fixed Income Outlook 2022

Sailing through the bumpy road as major central banks reverse their easy monetary...

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“$1.72 Billion”: How Alternative Data Is Transforming Investment Research

In 2014, the University of Dublin stumbled upon something very interesting. A study conducted by Ciaran...

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71% BFSI Firms Use Big Data Analytics to Gain Competitive Advantage – It’s Uses in Equity Research

Equity research analysts, whose task it is to predict stock prices and make judgement calls on which businesses will succeed...

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Impact of Data Analytics on Private Equity Firms

Data analytics creating value for private equity firms  With the help of 

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Why is Equity Research Important?

The equity market is considered to be one of the most unreliable investment markets. This is the reason why laymen shy away...

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Qatar Crisis - Carefully Navigating Through Saudi Led Blockade

The background: How it all began In mid-2017, even as the Islamic State (IS) was rapidly losing...

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