The Demand Shock for the Medical Devices Market Navigating the New Normal

May 28 | 3:30PM, CET | 4:30PM, EAT

The medical device industry is worried as volume of elective/ non-critical procedures goes down in hospitals

The preliminary results of an ongoing study jointly conducted by SG Analytics, India and its partners in Kenya are indicating hurdles for medical devices companies dealing with reagents, equipment and accessories used for non-critical or elective procedures in hospitals.
On May 28,2020 we will present the findings of this study which will clear doubts for device manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, funding agencies, venture capitals and share clarity on the possible trends such as sales of medical devices in near future, perception of buyers, buying propensity of users and more. Such information is imperative for sales and marketing teams across medical devices industry and across all markets.
Many medical devices companies have reported revenue losses in Q1, 2020 as the cases of elective surgeries have been postpone by hospitals across the spectrum. The companies doubt if the Q2, 2020 scenario will be any different.
Without much hope of a return to nomalcy in the short run, how can the Tier 1/2/3 medical devices survive this market? What does it mean for companies such as GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Philips and Siemens Healthineers? Will the start-ups/small players perish?
How will the sales and marketing teams of these companies cope up with the perception of the buyer and the distributor in these markets?

Who Should Attend This?

Medical Device Companies

Siemens, Philips, GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Fresenius, J&J, Becton Dickinson, Abbott, Cardinal Health, Stryker and more

Financial Institutions

Goldman Sachs, Siemens, GE Capital, Healthcare Finance Group, First American Healthcare Finance, Kingsbridge Healthcare Finance, Gemino Healthcare Finance and more

Industry - sector type

Key opinion leaders, Policy makers, SMEs, Healthcare Startups

Key issues that this webinar will address

  • Considering the volume of elective surgeries going down across market, what are the options left for medical device manufacturers? With results having been below expectations results in Q1,2020, how can they survive the tough conditions of the market?
  • How will investors react to decline in sales and ambiguous projections for coming quarters? Will it impact the trading in any way?
  • Are buyers willing to invest in stock at this time when demand is uncertain? If not, how do Medical Device Manufacturers drive sales in H2 - 2020
  • Will the backlog of elective procedures surface as pent up demand after the lock down? Will there be a temporary surge in demand, and how will companies tap into this demand most efficiently ?


Dr. Siddhartha Dutta

(India, APAC)

Anthony Ochieng

(Kenya, Africa)

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