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SGA Edge

Deep data science capabilities combined with domain knowledge and technology expertise
Leverage deep digital focus and customer knowledge to harness the power of omni-channel
Lean and high touch service culture to deliver quick wins to clients

How can SGA help you ?

we leverage domain understanding and technical expertise across Data Engineering, Bi-Visualization, ML based Advanced Analytics to generate consumable insights from data from data for business decision making. our solutions help answer key business questions like:

we use multiple data sources like transaction data, customer demographic information, marketing and promotion details, traditional and digital media measurement, customer digital footprints to create a 360 degree view of customers and answer key business questions.

familiarity with all possible data sources, strong expertise on ML based techniques, multiple tools and decades of sector specific knowledge makes us trusted partner for our clients.

Why SG Analytics?

SG Analytics specializes in providing global market insights and intelligence services that enable our clients to identify growth opportunities based on data-driven actionable insights, market reports, and visually illustrated statistics pertaining to their marketplace.

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