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The M&E sector has become synonymous with data and analytics, with customization and changing audience preferences being the new order. M&E firms need to offer compelling solutions and content in an easy to access platform. Our research and analytics services ensure that M&E firms are in sync with the changing sector landscape and viewer preferences. SGA helps M&E customers to solve business problems by harnessing disruptions in data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cutting-egde technologies.

How Can SG Analytics Help You?

Our services span the media value chain from broadcasting, production, marketing, ad-sales, contract negotiations, digital platforms, etc. with the muscle that we have built around analytics to enable them to make informed business decisions. We deliver solutions that

Data sets exposure

Nielsen AMRLD/MMRLD, Advertising data, Comscore, Ad-sales data, Freewheel data, As-run broadcasting data, Social media data, Digital platforms data

Teams supported

Consumer insights, Advanced analytics, Broadcasting, Ad-sales, Social media, Management sciences, Data engineering, Consumer research

Analytics Capabilities

Advanced level text and natural language algorithms deliver solutions that identify micro and macro trends, influencers, and brand perceptions at a granular level. We help clients identify digital demand spaces and consumer interests with a high degree of accuracy.

Understand and profile the audience types based on the contextual, behavioral, demographic and social behaviors. SGA utilities the social, digital and linear data to segment the audience to understand their viewing behaviors, genre/timing preferences and many other attributes that help the scheduling teams to align the shows accordingly.

Understand the audience behavior across various dimensions such as day parts, show affinities, days of week, genre, households, etc. SGA has built a holistic audience tracking tool where the research analysts can directly get the insights by slicing and dicing the data the way they prefer.

Provide a steady supply of rating forecasts that can be used by the ad-sales teams that take into consideration all important parameters such as seasonality, new/repeat shows, day part, week day, genre etc. SGA maintains the forecasting platform for the client with automated pipelines and regular refreshes.

Why SG Analytics?

SG Analytics specializes in providing global market insights and intelligence services that enable our clients to identify growth opportunities based on data-driven actionable insights, market reports, and visually illustrated statistics pertaining to their marketplace.

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