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Securities Research Services

We provide relevant and action-oriented research across economies, sectors and individual securities to help our clients make informed decisions.

SGA’s subject matter experts with 10+ years of experience spanning across various GICS sectors, including experience in the niche and upcoming areas coupled with multi-asset research caters to both buy-side firms as well as sell-side institutions. Our securities research services provide customised solutions that serve the client’s end-to-end research needs through flexible engagement models that best serve client needs. Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate data procurement by leveraging the knowledge of leading industry databases such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, FactSet, Factiva, etc.

Why SGA?

Industries We Serve

Equity Research

As a best equity research firm, we perform an in-depth financial valuation of a company, asses growth rates and competitions of the dynamic market.

  • Financial modelling assignments which include historical financial data population, calculating GAAP and non-GAAP numbers (reported and adjusted), detailed three-statement financial forecasts with schedules, multi-technique valuation, and well as special features such as sensitivity analysis, bull/base/bear scenario analysis.
  • Our securities research provide in-depth secondary research on companies along with thorough knowledge of various filings across markets and exchanges, including Europe, US, China, Japan, GCC markets, etc.
  • Company initiation reports along with universe monitoring and regular updates for company events, corporate action (M&A and share buybacks), sector events, and geopolitical events.
  • Research reports on investable themes, sector pieces as well as research periodicals to keep clients abreast of all relevant events.
  • Forensic research to spot accounting irregularities and corporate governance issues before investing in long-term ideas.
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Fixed Income and Credit Research

Anchor SGA’s fixed income research services to obtain

  • Detailed research support across the investment life cycle including screening for viable investment opportunities through qualitative and quantitative criteria, evaluating investment prospects, initiating coverage on the investments, and regularly monitoring the coverage universe for influential events.
  • Experienced analysts to provide relevant and actionable research across various credit instruments including investment grade, high yield as well as distressed debt across developed and emerging markets.
  • Deep-dive research across various fixed income products such as leveraged finance, money markets, structured finance, US public finance (municipals), and convertibles.
  • Research reports on investable themes, sector pieces as well as research periodicals to keep clients abreast of all relevant events.
  • Creating customised research products such as capital structure analysis, cash flow models, indenture screening, covenant analysis and headroom monitoring, LBO modelling, stress testing and multiple scenario analysis.
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Index and Quantitative Research

  • Asses and frame secure risk models for operation, credit, and investment.
  • Track and monitor index events, pre-index and post-index rebalance analysis.
  • Avoid unsystematic risks, generate alpha, design trading strategies and smart portfolios.
  • Analysis of primary and assessed data, pricing data, ESG data, global macro, and fund flows.
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Macroeconomic Research

As a distinguished securities research company, we

  • Generate insights on fiscal and monetary, economic as well as trade policies, economic data releases and global geopolitical events.
  • Perform top-down analysis to validate macroeconomic themes and spot various sectors and investment avenues.
  • Create investment strategies across various asset classes such as equity, credit, currency, commodities and alternative investments.
  • Based on clients’ risk appetites and preferences, produce efficient frontiers to enable portfolio distribution & asset allocation.
  • Develop econometric modelling and forecasting using multidimensional data.
  • Monitor and aggregate major economic events from reliable sources such as government website, multiple vendors feed to provide detailed implications.

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