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Research & Analytics Support for Technology, Media & Telecom

Telecom Industry Analysis

Today TMT companies have turned their focus on the adoption of analytics to obtain more visibility about market conditions and consumer behavior to optimize operations, internal processes, and product development. Leverage SGA’s telecom industry analysis and market research services to improve sales, mitigate churn and fraud, and reduce operational costs.

Technology Market Research

SGA’s technology market research assists our clients in forecasting changes and adapting to them proficiently. We provide investment research, market research, and media research in the telecommunications industry to help clients improve profit margins and build competitive business strategies.

Social Media Analytics Research

Our social media analytics research comprises of media analysis and mix media modeling to gather consumer data across various social platforms and comprehend product-specific consumer preferences. We enable TMT companies to provide compelling solutions and personalised experience for their customers.

Key challenges we address

  • Positioning

    Across target markets and competency building along the value chain.

  • Personalization

    Intelligence that promotes customer-centricity and drives personalized services.

  • Monetize

    Data-driven services and infrastructure. Reduce time to market and be at the forefront of innovation.

  • Digitization

    Sharpen your digital strategy and analyze opportunities across digital technologies.

Market Intelligence

  • Formulate strategies for market entry, product expansion, business models and competitive advantage
  • Technology sector analysis to establish a competitive edge and improve strategic decision making
  • Asses market changes and value chain; market intelligence solutions to improve margins and address ARPU issues.
  • Custom-made databases and Media analysis across the digital platform to identify reliable partnerships and content distribution.
  • Data-driven services to forecast challenges in the TMT sector, improve adaptability, generate solutions to gauge OTT service offerings.
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Business Strategy

  • Deploy telecom analytics and media analysis to provide customer-centric and personalized services.
  • Employ advanced technologies like AI, AR, machine learning, IoT, and big data analytics to organize and analyse surplus to predict telecom trends.
  • M&A due diligence support.
  • Telecom industry analysis to understand customer challenges in the TMT sector, generate insights on spectrum allocation and entry strategy.
  • Establish your competitive benchmark, and make data-driven strategic decisions with technology market research.
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Media Mix Modeling

  • Media research and analysis to track and monitor sales progress across various media platforms.
  • Improve client retention, advertising strategies, and channel examination with mix media modeling.
  • Thorough analysis for media investments and identify potential KPIs.
  • Media research to optimise distribution and sales within specific media channels.
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Consumer Insights

  • Social media analytics research to collect customer data across the various social platform to analyse their needs and map consumer behavior.
  • Customer insights dashboards to make well-informed decisions and improve RoI.
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Consumer Sciences for Platforms and Apps

  • Formulate apt customer acquisition strategies and hyper-targeted campaigns to convert users to recurring customers.
  • Media analysis to evaluate customer journeys and spot effective ways to improve customer engagement.
  • Customer analytics to identify and understand customer churn factors; design appropriate strategies for customer retention.
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