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Retail Analytics & Research Support


Digital has touched upon every aspect of businesses today and the Retail Sector is no exception to this. Companies today are constantly raising the bar of customer services due to the ever-changing consumer needs.

For marketers, brands, and retailers changes infuse fresh business challenges as well as open the door to unexplored opportunities. At SG Analytics we collaborate with B2B and B2C clients to explore the untapped opportunities through research-based insights. We help clients – Discover, Act and Disrupt!

Benefits We Deliver

  • RoI

    Enhance returns on your marketing spend.

  • Insights

    Understand consumer behavior and their perception about your brand.

  • Digital

    Maximize digital presence and launch targeted campaigns.

  • Pricing

    Deploy flexible pricing strategies.

Marketing effectiveness

In today’s converging retail ecosystem, customers expect more personalization than ever. Expectations of seamless experience between online and brick & mortar stores, ease of purchase, availability of retail stores using smartphones, purchasing attitude of Millennials, Gen X/Y/Z and the growing number of choices are driving the market. We provide:

  • Data analytics services to assess marketing initiatives and campaigns to optimize marketing spend and distribution budgets.
  • Custom-made dashboards and visualizations to measure campaign success and establish competitive analysis.
  • Market-specific analysis to identify the target audience and develop the right campaigns to improve marketing RoI and customer lifetime value.
  • Retail analytics solutions to determine fitting AI tools and examine market-ready solutions.
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Consumer Insights

Consumer behavior is the key to revive a market today. SG Analytics’ retail analytics services focus on aiding its clients to build customer loyalty and reach out to the end customers who can make a difference to your business

  • Customer segmentation to formulate personalized marketing and omnichannel marketing strategies.
  • Employ advanced tools like Natural Language Processing and text mining to refine social media strategies and establish benchmarks against competitors.
  • Retail market research services to build a customer-centric culture to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Web and Digital Analytics

We are moving towards a timeline where the blurring between physical and virtual shopping experience is inevitable. SG Analytics business strategy support services help you understand the used cases of successful transformative businesses in CPG and Retail and helps you re-design the existing business model and make you future-ready

  • Optimize your website with SEO and keyword analysis.
  • Deploy appropriate tools to improve online presence and identify prospects by analyzing clients browsing behavior and purchase history.
  • Track your traffic to comprehend your visitors need and convert visitors into customers.
  • Conversion models to get clear insights on trends, context, and factors that impact consumer behavior and marketing activities.
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SG Analytics retail analytics supports its customers to align with the future of the market, build and sustain competition and help capture new pockets of growth.

  • Retail industry analysis to plan your product spacing and promotional strategies.
  • Retail market research to assess your merchandising technique in regards to the product, market and customer preference.
  • Reduce customer churn and improve customer retention with gap analysis and price elasticity.
  • Demographic analysis to position your products and brands, and improve business models.
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Benchmarking enables you to position your company in the industry. SG Analytics retail analytics solutions assist its customers to outperform their peers within their sector or segment and also helps them improve efficiency through new ideas and procedures that can be picked up from best practices in the industry.

Benchmarking Studies - market intelligence
  • Competitor Benchmarking: Drill down into performance gaps and focus on areas of improvement; monitor overall company performance and prepare for disruptive changes.
  • Retailer Perception Benchmarking: Build Fresh perspective and counter-strategy in the market; improve awareness from a retailer’s perspective and convert them into actionable insights.
  • Solution Provider Benchmarking: Discover fitting solutions across merchandising, supply chain, and customer engagement issues.

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