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Research and Analytics Support for Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Market Research

The stakes are high when a new medicine is developed, as both life and money are on the line.
Hence healthcare market research has become crucial today to identify and understand the patient
and consumers need to develop appropriate drugs. Leverage SGA’s pharmaceutical market
research and investment research services to go hand in hand with the dynamic pharma industry,
obtain thorough knowledge about key drug patents, manufacture and distribute requisite drugs to
avoid costly errors.

Key questions we answer

  • Products

    Investigate product launch timelines.

  • Markets

    Determine market access strategies including pricing and reimbursements.

  • Messaging

    Key messaging and positioning in target markets.

  • Sales

    Optimize sales force and prioritize sales initiatives.

Business Intelligence

SG Analytics healthcare market research provides a foundation for evidence-based clinical decision- making.

  • We help healthcare providers minimize the costs of care, enhance revenue and improve patient safety and outcomes while complying with regulations and standards. 
  • BI tools to support overall cost management for providers while improving patient outcomes in a healthcare set up. 
  • Evidence-based clinical decision-making to enhance patient outcomes and enable physicians to better monitor and forecast patient diagnoses. 
  • Improve patient care and facilitated quality performance and safety analyses in healthcare setups.
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Market Sizing and Forecasting

As a well-known pharma market research company, we understand the necessity to gather and analyse valid data about customers, competitors and changing market requirements. We assist our clients to

  • Evaluate their potential users, market size and potential, growing trends and competitions to maintain sales and obtain new opportunities.
  • Disease-based and patient-based healthcare data analytics to forecast new products and cross analyse existing products.
  • In-depth understanding of pricing, reimbursement, and regulatory policies, disease epidemiology, and patient care.
  • Develop market-specific R&D strategies, product pipelines, technology roadmap, and product life-cycle management objectives with a competitive assessment.
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Technology Scouting

  • Track relevant technologies to improve innovation and product development.
  • Identify apt technology to help you make data-driven business decisions in less time and cost.
  • Formulate potential market entry or expansion strategies to avoid costly investment errors.
  • Establish a competitive edge in the dynamic market.
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Med Tech

As one of the leading healthcare market research companies in the UK, we enable our clients to

  • Converge real-world evidence data for strategic support.
  • Evaluate and review medical products, services or solutions to improve patient care.
  • Analyse decision-making factors and buying behaviors to influence buyers across different markets.
  • Enhance diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, and patient care.
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Clinical Trial Data Management

  • Dashboard solutions with valid trial data and associated information to gain better visibility over your clinical data.
  • Ensure easy organization and valuation of electronic health records across information systems, and public health data.
  • Enable regulatory requirement to protect patent records, reduce the complexity of clinical trials and apply security measures with ease.
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Supply Chain Management

  • Streamline operations and process to improve collaboration with your suppliers, sales and return of investment.
  • Enable statistical forecast based on drug performance, demand, and supply.
  • Reduce the risk of negative PR and create new market opportunities.
  • Improve operations, compliance, and forecasting with appropriate technology assistance.
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Sales Force Optimization

  • Revamp your corporate branding with the customer and product segmentation.
  • Dashboard data to map and monitor sales progress, and identify major problem areas for pharmaceutical market research companies.
  • Asses internal sales resource to optimize costs and profits, identify functionality voids and data issues.
  • Create and manage scheduling policies.
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