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Why are Data Science Services Crucial for Organizations? 

As data-driven decision making is becoming the new normal for modern-day businesses, data science along with enabling technologies such as AI, ML, etc., has become indispensable for companies to eliminate data clutter and extract valuable business insights from big data

SG Analytics is a leading data science consultancy firm in the UK, providing data science consulting and data analytics services to help companies get a better idea of markets, customers, competitors, products/services. Our data science services empower companies with contextual insights to make smarter decisionsdrive business value and outcomes, and predict future events. 

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Why SGA ?


Predictive Analytics

Automated learning and predictive analytics services to help clients navigate through digital transformation, and become proactive by predicting outcomes.

  • Become proactive and predict outcomes: Combine sophisticated machine learning tools with complex statistical models and data mining techniques to build advanced predictive analytics models
  • Variety of models: Leverage our expertise in data science to increase the value of your existing data and generate most actionable insights
  • Customised solutions: High-quality solutions tailored to meet customers’ unique business needs, and the nature of their data
  • Scalable Results: Predictive analytics consulting solutions to optimize processes and thrive in today’s highly-competitive business environment

Machine Learning

Build custom solutions based on the algorithms or frameworks that process data, run sophisticated algorithms on cloud as well as edge.

  • Machine Learning Services: Build, train, deploy high-quality machine learning models via frontier technologies and latest tools
  • Expertise: Supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised machine learning on both structured and unstructured data to make sense of your enterprise data
  • ML deployment: Integration of ML-models into the existing production environment and performance testing via robust tools such as TensorFlow, TensorBoard, Playground, What-if, ML, What-if, etc.
  • ML as a service (MLaaS): Amazon ML and Amazon SageMaker to build predictive applications based on your data


Robust tools and techniques to equip companies with intelligent data forecasting to embrace digital transformation across their organization

  • Intelligent forecasting services that help to decide in advance best-suitable course of action to foster business growth
  • Optimize planning and gain a competitive advantage using knowledge-based techniques and data-driven decision support system
  • Purpose-built forecasting models to help make better and more confident managerial decisions about material, personnel, sales, or any other requirements
  • Identify actual drivers of business values – internal and external, to improve accuracy in financial forecasting and meet business goals
  • Set data-driven financial targets and build strategic pricing models

Text Analytics

Text analytics solutions to extract meaningful information hidden in emails, social media posts, online reviews, survey results, feedback, etc. and optimize products and services to meet customer expectations

  • Procure actionable consumer insights: Enterprise-scale text analytics services to uncover hidden meanings, patterns, and themes behind text data to deeply understand customer behaviours, preferences, and expectations.
  • Enrich your content: Increase findability and make your content more actionable
  • Text analytics services: Transform unstructured data into valuable information by applying sentiment analysis, text classification, document classification, entity extraction, themes discovery, etc.
  • Leverage the potential of AI with NLP and NLG to construct an engine that can garner thousands of text data sets and produce easy-to-understand summaries from the data


Leverage the capabilities of prescriptive analytics to resolve complex business problems, find the best-suitable solution (highest ROI or lowest spend) for any given business problem within of a well-defined set of constraints

  • Include forecasts/predictions input variables – both known and unknown, with defined constraints & objectives and optimization algorithms and solvers to find the appropriate solution for the objective
  • What-if simulators to perform comparative scenario analysis to select the most-effective solution that outperforms all other in a list of many possible business scenarios
  • Resource optimization to streamline resources (people, raw material, equipment, financial) and improve the efficiency of a process
  • Optimise your existing optimisation systems with ML to derive the best course of action
  • Improve accuracy of estimates by including ML-driven probabilities and predictions to formulate a new plan and sustain change

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