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Data Modernization Services

SGA's Data Modernisation solutions combines strong domain knowledge and understanding of underlying data with competence in technology, data analytics and automation.

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We assist our clients in gearing up for data 2.0 by enabling a data ecosystem that is simpler, more flexible and adaptable.

To provide the most value, our data modernisation services use a combination of automatic and manual procedures to maintain data availability and integrity. 

We enable clients to comprehend data's dangers and create efficient data strategies and internal controls. 

We assist clients in lowering operating costs via the efficient use of people, processes and technology. 

We are a trusted partner for businesses, stock exchanges, buy and sell-side enterprises, corporations, data suppliers and financial institutions for all their data modernisation solution needs.

data modernization Services & Strategy

What we offer

By combining automated and manual procedures, our data modernisation services guarantee the data's availability and integrity to provide the greatest possible value. 

Data Sourcing and Analysis  

We establish solid rules and controls to facilitate effective data aggregation  

  • Data extraction from structured and unstructured data from various internal and external sources   

  • Data cleansing & standardisation  

  • Data reconciliation & review  

  • Identification and establishment of relevant links within databases for consistency  

  Data Management & Maintenance  

Profound knowledge of cutting-edge data engineering solutions, including the development of data masters, lakes and warehouses 

  • Master data management  

  • Automate data ingestion into warehouses/data lake  

  • Data pipeline automation across structured & unstructured data  

  • Implement flexible and scalable processes across on-prem and cloud platforms (AWS, Azure)  

Data Distribution  

Provide an efficient data distribution system to fulfil the demands of downstream users. 

  • Data distribution pipelines based on downstream user needs  

  • Implement adequate controls to prevent unauthorised data access  

  • Ensuring availability and integrity of data for the downstream systems  

Data Visualisation  

Adept at transforming big data into illuminating visuals 

  • Enterprise performance reporting & dashboarding suites  

  • AI-driven NLG models for auto insights generation  

  • Interactive & intelligent dashboards based on needs  

  • Enable self-service analytics visualisations  

We assist companies in creating efficient data strategies and internal controls and comprehending the dangers of data with our data modernisation services.   


  • End-to-end data governance assessment  

  • Quality framework & data governance organisation  

  • Develop standard data quality management operating model for identification, investigation and resolution of data quality issues  

  • Assist in meeting regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, etc.  

  Glossary & Supply Chain Management  

  • Build & maintain data catalogue & conceptual metadata  

  • Data lineage services  

  • Business glossary, data dictionary and business rules  

  • Periodic review of policies, standards, guidelines and procedures  

Data Stewardship Support  

  • Define crucial data elements and spot anomalies. 

  • Reconcile data sources to discover data errors 

  • Check quality thresholds and look for data abnormalities. 

Data Quality Management  

  • Working with source owners to address issues 

  • Assist with exception management and remediation 

  • Improved quality score and progress with own remediation

We help businesses cut operating expenses by deploying efficient people, processes and technology.  

Client Data  

Knowledge of managing the client data lifecycle  

  • Client & SSI data setup  

  • New client onboarding and ongoing due diligence  

  • Client screening & risk assessment  

  • Remediation programme support  

Business Data  

Experience in addressing both internal and external trade data  

  • Product and pricing data setup across asset classes  

  • Trade reconciliation & break resolution  

  • Data extraction from legal/internal docs  

Regulatory Data  

Supporting customers in the dynamic regulatory environment 

  • Reconciliation and exception management  

  • Regulatory reporting support  

  • Data management and lineage  

Service Desk  

Create and maintain the global helpdesk to accept, manage and resolve helpdesk tickets. 

  • Provide L1 & L2 level helpdesk support  

  • Deploy a ‘Follow the Sun’ model of availability  

  • Deploy intelligent routing based on the nature of requests  


End-to-End Data Modernization Solutions

Our data experts are adept at managing data and diverse datasets across data formats and sources by deploying manual automation and technological means.

Value-added Insights

We deliver actionable and value-added insights that help clients further enhance data quality and related workflows while bringing in efficiencies to existing processes

Deliver Non-Linear Business Impact

We augment our large-scale data management capabilities with our data analytics expertise to generate non-linear business impact for clients

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We provide our clients customised and comprehensive data modernisation solutions by combining content and context.