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Leverage our sales analytics services for empowering your sales teams to deliver growth

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Why are Sales Analytics Services Essential for Firms?

In today’s fast-evolving digital world, data is invaluable to pivot sales and business growth. Using sales analytics, companies can maximise the use of their sales data, track sales activities and build effective strategies to increase their sales teams’ performance.

As one of the top analytics firms in the UK, SG Analytics’ sales analytics services aim to provide in-depth market knowledge for companies to augment conversion rate. Leverage our sales analytics consulting services to acquire insights into market dynamics and potential clients/customers, equip your sales team, optimise marketing efficiency and make data-driven decisions.

Sales Analytics Services

What We Offer

Ensuring that your sales efforts are perfectly aligned to the most suitable and promising markets, our salesforce analytics and territory alignment services help in removing inefficiencies and ensuring that your sales budget goes beyond just achieving your targets.

  • Maximise the potential of your sales team and streamline the resource allocation process using Salesforce analytics
  • Salesforce analytics to identify meaningful patterns, track year-over-year performance along with other KPIs and pipeline management
  • Sales data analytics and territory management to define geographical sales territories efficiently and optimise territory management strategies

Ensuring the delivery of the most accurate forecasts, SG Analytics’ sales forecasting integrates the use of innovative forecasting tools with data ranging from your existing sales data to macro-economic inputs.

  • Estimate future sales accurately based on industry-wide comparisons, past sales data and economic trends
  • Review and revise forecasts systematically via adjusted sales forecasting to keep management teams updated on the changing market trends and improve performance measurement

Motivating your salesforce to achieve/over-achieve targets with the correct blend of incentives and recognition is critical. We help our clients in the UK transform this art into a science.

  • Data-based incentive models to identify best-performing employees and teams, attract potential employees and enhance loyalty towards the company
  • Quantitative performance benchmarking for easy and fair implementation of the data-based incentive models

Meeting and exceeding numbers is what sales thrives on, and the sure shot way to contented sales force is correct attribution. Our clients in the UK leverage our performance tracking to maintain the inviolability of data while ensuring visibility into the performance at different levels.

  • Sales performance analysis and dashboards to monitor sales teams’ performance across sectors and geographies
  • Quantitative metrics to measure employee performance and provide unbiased performance appraisal while encouraging and maintaining the morale of the team


Accurate forecasting

Provide precise and insightful forecasts based on sales analytics, economic trends, and industry analysis for multiple time zones

Enhanced incentive models

Formation of data-based incentives models focused on rewarding the best performing sales team members, additionally promoting teamwork

Salesforce analytics

Maximize sales teams potential with Salesforce. Comprehensive Salesforce analytics to fine-tune efforts and resource allocation

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We use the most accurate analytics tools to help your sales team surpass your business goals.