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Data Governance Services

Upgrade your data quality and simplify data security and compliance for your organisation

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Why are Data Governance Services Crucial in Today's Data-Driven World?

Digital transformation has greatly augmented the value and importance of big data. Today, almost all industries and businesses of all sizes acknowledge ‘data’ as their most valuable asset. However, this data gets constantly modified and polluted due to everyday enterprise activities. As one of the leading research and analytics firms in the UK, we realize the importance of data quality, integrity and consistency in building/improving the confidence of decision-makers on their data-driven decisions.

Leverage our data governance consulting services and solutions to establish data consistency, build quality data governance framework to standardise, secure and integrate your data. Our enterprise-wide data governance services include data remediation models that clean the data thoroughly and improve data quality.

Data governance services

What We Offer

SG Analytics’ data governance services offer end-to-end data stewardship to meet clients’ data quality requirements, conduct primary feasibility study to assess data requirements and help in establishing enterprise-wide data management.

  • Institute BRD (Business Requirement Document) development and interaction with consumers to gain a better understanding of the data use case
  • Detect Key Data Elements (KDEs), cross-map Physical Data Elements (PDEs) with the defined KDEs and record thresholds for acceptability
  • Stakeholder coordination to establish effective communication between data producers, data architect and codification team
  • Thorough validation and review of Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  • Codification assistance, check whether the business rule is in line with codified rule, review of UAT results and release approval

SG Analytics has collaborated with one of their marque BFSI clients to create Universal Client Master (UCM), by deploying externally sourced market data, internal account data and relationship data.

  • Universal Client Master (UCM) to obtain a structured scope for the cleansing process along with an efficient operating model to systematise the multiple layers/sources of client data
  • Leverage the capabilities of UCM to mitigate applications and operational overhead, providing a single source of authorisation for all client data across nearly every LOB (Line of Business)

Design data operating model for various LOBs across the client organisation. Final consolidated model as a blueprint for the interim process that comprises Client Master for centralised and certified data availability.

  • Consulting services to help clients design successful data operating models to operationalise data effectively
  • Extensive interaction with multiple stakeholders, optimisation of the current workflow and suggestions demonstrating how interim and final state will drive Client Master Implementation across LOBs

Expertise in garnering business intelligence, performing trend analysis and validation, and input data validation.

  • Proactive engagement with service directors and data owners to define KPIs aligned to the operational and client data before getting started with the monthly data gathering process.
  • Publishing dashboards with data sourced from different systems/departments to enable easy monitoring and informed decision-making for clients.

Develop best possible visualisations by leveraging our expertise in creating engaging and captivating illustrations.

  • Create customised and interactive dashboards for C/senior-level reporting by leveraging our proficiency in data visualisation
  • Improved ROI measurement
  • Identify potential risk areas quickly
  • Glean meaningful insights that will help in improving overall data quality


Experience in DG&M in BFSI space

Strategic partnership with leading Data Governance solution providers

Strong SMEs developed internally

Strong technology and analytics skills within the organisation

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Enhance the quality of your data as we help you implement governance processes ensuring long-term data reliability & availability.