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Customer Analytics Services

Leverage customer analytics services to get business-critical insights into customer behaviour in order to acquire, engage and retain your customers

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Customer Analytics Services to Acquire, Engage and Retain your Customers

Consumers have easy and quick access to any information in today’s digital world. With smart devices, product or service details are just a click away. This has increased the degree of complexity in garnering meaningful consumer insights and analytics to thrive in a customer-first business world.

One of the top research & analytics firms in the UK, SG Analytics’ customer analytics services simplify the process of gathering customer information via sophisticated customer analytics models. Leverage our customer analytics services to build powerful customer acquisition and retention strategies and never lose a potential customer again.

Personalise marketing strategies and customer experiences with SG Analytics’ customer insights and analytics services.

customer analytics services

What We Offer

SGA helps its clients in not only understanding who their customers are, but also examining their journeys, thereby enabling the clients to partner with their customers at critical decision points, resulting in maximised revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Probabilistic models to predict CLTV, understand who are and will be your best customers, and increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Customer migration analysis to draw migration patterns from customer behaviours and understand ‘when’ and ‘why’ customers move across segments

Acquisition of new customers is a result of an optimum strategy and campaigns that are successful in addressing an inherent need or creation of aspirations related to your product and service. SG Analytics helps you in creating the right mix and further increasing loyalty amongst your customers.

  • Leverage SG Analytics’ customer analytics services to build powerful customer acquisition strategies and acquire the right customers economically along with sustainable growth
  • Gain unbiased insights into your product performance and levels of customer satisfaction. Boost your customer lifetime value and RoI with our expertise in constructing effective customer retention strategies/models.

To increase revenue, businesses need to pitch the right product or service at the right time to the right customer. Leverage SGA’s customer segmentation and behavioural analytics to craft focused campaigns that help you in measuring the right signals in order to differentiate your messaging.

  • In-depth customer segmentation to identify potential customers and understand their needs, preferences, behaviours, buying persona and potential
  • Examine the ‘what’s’, ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of customer behaviour with behavioural analytics

SG Analytics helps its clients in the UK in acquiring and retaining customers as well as in identifying allied products and services that result in significant customer engagement within their ecosystem.

  • Garner omnichannel data via hyper-personalisation to deliver personalised customer experience and increase digital engagements in real-time
  • Build cross-sell and up-sell strategies that will help in maximising your sales and revenue and mitigating customer churn


Deep customer insights

Obtain deep customer understanding to identify the factors that attract customers to your products and services


Formulate strategies that enable businesses to target customers with hyper-personalized products and services


Assess customer behavior, preferences, demographics, and purchasing patterns for efficient segmentation

Advanced technology

Predict the right target audience with our advanced capabilities in CLTV modeling, enabling businesses to decipher true customer value

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We enable 360˚ analytics to acquire, engage, and retain your customers.