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Contextual Intelligence Services

SGA assists clients in generating customer-centric insights by implementing contextual intelligence solutions and driving business outcomes.

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Generating actionable insights by employing intelligent solutions

Offering insights is one of our strengths, as we have in-depth domain expertise in verticals like Media and Entertainment, BFSI and Technology. Our contextual intelligence services cater to multiple Fortune 500 clients, where we assist in data-driven decision-making by utilising our analytical expertise and domain experience. 

Whilst traditional intelligent systems deal with statistical and rule-based approaches to learning from the data, consumer sentiment analysis and large-scale neural network-based deep learning techniques are emerging as the gold standard for developing sophisticated, intelligent systems.

Contextual Intelligence

What We Offer

  • The classification of a user-written review as positive or negative summarises it as a rating provided for a product or service to enhance the user experience. 
  • Automatic text summarisation to represent a long text document concisely to pass the intended message for recruitment firms to identify and filter the potential candidates.
  • The named-entity recognition (NER) technique to identify the employer’s name based on the transaction text enables investment firms to suggest investment options based on the pay date and to auto-allocate funds based on the allocation setting without user intervention.
    • Building conversational AI applications that rely on NLP to understand user queries and generate a relevant response. For example, chatbots that help in answering FAQs or booking flights or online reservation systems based on user text.
  • We deep-dive into data and provide intelligence around insights to assist businesses in deriving value, i.e., understanding their target audience, what could be profitable and why and what attributes make your customers risky.
  • ML-based allocation engine for micro-investment products to facilitate real-time, seamless and data-driven allocations for the customers.
  • User profiling to strategise marketing and product initiatives ensures cost savings for the businesses.
  • We employ the existing customer base to profile them based on their demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural attributes, as well as to build customer personas, such as high- and low-profitable customers and high- and low-risk customers.
  • Automated sentiment score prediction process.
  • ML-based algorithms detect the underlying consumer sentiment within the unstructured textual data.
  • Make use of customer reviews, social media mentions and open-ended surveys to understand the customer-product relationships.
  • Making use of customer satisfaction and net promoter score (NPS) survey data to identify customer pain points throughout their journeys.


Customer-centric Insights

Our fine-tuned products delivering value are backed by agility, customer centricity and actionable insights.

Flexible & Contextual Solutions

By combining context, analytical skills and quality delivery, we facilitate a virtuous feedback cycle of insight development.


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