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Competitive Intelligence Analytics Services

Unearth deep competitive insights on the voice of customer to achieve sustainable competitive advantage

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Why Leverage our Competitive Intelligence Services?

SG Analytics being one of the established analytics firms in the UK provides competitive intelligence services to decode our competitors’ strategies and identify business-critical opportunities.

Our firm provides consulting and competitive intelligence services to assess your competitors’ performance, counter competitive threats, and increase profits and market share. Leverage our teams’ analytical and intelligence gathering skills to glean sector-specific competitor insights and make informed decisions to outperform your competitors.

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What We Offer

As a top competitive intelligence company, SG Analytics caters to all business purposes across every business division with competitive intelligence analytics.

  • Product and service benchmarking to drive product/service enhancements and innovation, improve product marketing and determine the right price for your products/services
  • Content strategies to plan, create, deliver and govern your content for marketing and improving communication
  • Targeted customer segmentation to gain competitive intelligence across industries (IT, BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, CPG/Retail, etc.), build winning go-to-market strategy and improve the effectiveness of your sales team

Make quick and better decisions on product development and enhancement, account strategies, and marketing initiatives by listening to the voice of your customers as well as the customers of your competitors. Leverage our competitive intelligence services to:

  • In-depth sights to meticulously assess the level of customer satisfaction with a product or service and take corrective measures to mitigate potential customer churn
  • Improve key product features or specific service components by assessing customer sentiments
  • Curate content around the topics/features that are most liked/focused by customers to drive customer advocacy and improve customer retention
  • Update product roadmaps via competitive product benchmarking to identify missing upgrades within your product and prioritise salient feature launches


BFSI, Pharma, CPG/Retail, and Technology products domain expertise that helps translate voice of customers into domain-specific insights

Proven impact and benefit for competitive intelligence across consumer insights, sales, marketing & communication, and product development functions

NLP-based advanced text analytics solution that convert unstructured data into consumable insights


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Power your decisions and get ahead of your competitors using our analytical tools that identify key intelligence that help your products and services stand out.