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Data Accessibility, Confidence and Activation to drive business decisions

SGA enables central governance, consolidation, and certification of enterprise data. We drive data consistency to accelerate business decisions and developments. Minimize your data maintenance cost with our data management support services.

Data Stewardship Support

As a specialized Data analytics company, we ensure data quality and integration, efficient data governance strategies and frameworks, and robust data-centric views.

Data stewardship support, data cleaning and data governance services in UK | SG Analytics
  • Business Requirement Document (BRD) creation, review, and validation.
  • Comprehend Data use case with consumer insights, process-driven enterprise-wide data management.
  • Key Data Elements (KDEs) identification, mapping Physical Data Elements across relevant KDE.
  • Codification support, alignment review between codified rule and business rule; Stakeholder coordination with data producers and consumers, UAT result analysis.

Data Quality Management

Discern your data quality and implement sophisticated data management models adhering to consistency and compliance; mitigate expensive errors with accurate data.

Data quality management, data cleaning and data governance services in UK | SG Analytics
  • Structured data management process to assess and track change management.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA), tactical and strategic remediation analysis, post-remediation, track underlying data quality improvements.
  • Assist exception and recurring break incident management.
  • Workflow models, centralized data governance, and reviews to ensure adherence to data quality dimensions.

Data Certification Services

Leverage our market research expertise and data certification services to make your data reliable and valuable; enrich your data assets through the creation of data masters.

Data certification, data cleaning and data governance services in UK | SG Analytics
  • Assess legacy data sources, conduct research, and analysis to bridge data gaps and earmark authentic sources of data.
  • Apply appropriate matching, cleansing and audit trails to treat data.
  • Create and maintain data cleansing rules and data flows.
  • Unify data sources and enable universal usability of certified data.
  • Ensure regulatory data compliance and mitigate data risks.

Metrics & Dashboarding

As one of the well-known data visualization companies, we help our clients to obtain in-depth and personalized insights to drive performance and generate business value.

Monte Carlo VaR modeling on options portfolio | Metrics & Dashboarding in UK | SG Analytics
  • Improve efficiency with enhanced RoI measurement.
  • Discover potential risk areas and produce actionable insights to achieve data precision.
  • Draw out appropriate information with customized and interactive dashboard.
  • Advance data visualisation for senior management.

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