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Customer Analytics Services

Analytics to acquire, engage, and retain your customers.

Customer Data Analytics Services

With the power of information at their fingertips, today’s buyerlooks upon competitive pricing and discounts, assortment variety, product reviews, easy supplier connects before making their purchases. By developing sophisticated customer analytics models that capture the customer touch points at these crucial decision making elements, SG Analytics customer insights and analytics services enable businesses in the UK to drive wider customer acquisition strategy to reduce churn and develop a deeper customer satisfaction level. 

Deploy Consumer Analytics

To improve customer loyalty 

Enhance customer retention rate and customer lifetime value 

Deliver customer-centric services and establish personalized marketing 

Spot those customers who are on the verge of churning 

Obtains actionable insights to deliver real-time customer services 

Customer segmentation and Market segmentation 

Why SGA ?


Understanding the Customer

Employ our consumer data analysis and business strategy support services to assess your customer’s purchase decision behavior by harmonizing customer-level data across offline and online media based data sources​

  • CLTV model: Target your high potential customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities by determining their net worth, that is, the customer’s lifetime value for your products​.
  • Customer migration: Determine customer segments that are likely to migrate to high-potential groups through a customer segmentation modeling.
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Customer Analytics Services

As a specialised data analytics company, we understand customer reach and retention are equally essential for the continued success of a brand. SG Analytics has worked with B2B and B2C businesses to help them get a closer view of their customers during the pre-acquisition as well as post-acquisition stage​.

  • “Customer acquisition modeling”: SG Analytics helps identify the effectiveness of your Lead conversion process by evaluating marketing campaigns and leads the performance with respect to your website traffic movement.
  • ‘Customer churn prediction modeling’: Our machine learning models leverage CRM database along with customer feedback data to derive the ‘likelihood to churn’ index for your existing customers, thereby enabling you to take quick correction actions.
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Customer Segmentation and Behavioral Analytics

Devise customer-centric marketing plans by evaluating their historical purchase pattern and responsiveness to marketing campaigns​ with our consumer analytics services.

  • “Customer Segmentation and Cluster modeling” and ‘Purchase behavior analytics’
  • Customer cluster modeling: SG Analytics uses customizable rule-based clustering techniques to cluster customers basis their stated preferences and actual purchase behavior.
  • Behvioural analytics changed to <Purchase pattern analytics>: Determine parameters that drive the customer’s purchase decision by understanding the past historical purchase paths.
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Consumer Engagement

Building relevant customer experiences at important customer journey touch-points are paramount to the retention of existing customers. ​Deploy our customer analytics services to deliver

  • Personalised Customer Experience: Determine price inflection points and promotion effectiveness as well as campaign effectiveness at a customer segment level.
  • Product Affinity Models: Build recommendation engines based on market basket analysis that identifies product items customers tend to purchase together during a shopping trip.
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