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RPA in Healthcare | Top 3 Trends in 2022

RPA in Healthcare Top 3 Trends in 2022
Published on Jun 06, 2021

Healthcare is expected to be one of the world’s fastest-growing industries in 2022. And more so after a pandemic that has made us realize the clear and enormous difference between where healthcare is today and where it ought to be.    

The problem is, healthcare has also been one of the slowest to modernize, historically. 

Despite relying on cutting-edge technologies to diagnose and operate on patients, healthcare has been reluctant to embrace digital transformation in diagnosing workflow inefficiencies and streamlining backend operations. As more industries have left legacy systems for digital ones, many healthcare institutions still rely on paper, files, and actual tags to record information.   

It’s high time that the industry adopts the accuracy and efficiency that RPA solutions offer. Indeed, according to a California Association for Healthcare Quality (CAHQ) report, leveraging automation solutions to digitize records and automate backend operations can save the sector more than $13 billion. 

That said, in 2022, RPA solutions will go beyond accuracy and efficiency. They will make healthcare institutions not just simpler and faster, but also more transparent, purposeful, and more connected to their patients. 

How RPA solutions will transform healthcare in 2022 

1. Hassle-free appointments 

Instead of making calls for scheduling an appointment, automation solutions will enable people to make appointments digitally. Calendar app integrations, for example, already allow people to look up a doctor’s calendar and make and cancel appointments accordingly. Such integrations will not only go mainstream in 2022, but will further evolve, allowing more data to be provided as input. Perhaps even audio or visual data.  

An RPA implementation like this is great for doctors who can look at their appointments in one glance and allocate their resources accordingly. 

2. Prioritizing care 

Many hospitals still rely on paper for billing and claiming insurance, even though digital data is much easier to collect, use, change, and report.    

The time a healthcare professional spends on documentation may seem trivial. But over the years, the time lost is enormous. And that’s excluding the time spent on correcting errors and identifying and reporting fraudulent documentation. 

Even though automation solutions will not outright eliminate inefficiencies and errors, digitizing documentation and automating other high-volume, repetitive work will dramatically reduce them. That’s perhaps saving months’ worth of time depending on the scale of an organization.  

Healthcare professionals can rather devote that time to their number one priority: caring for their patients. RPA solutions will finally help healthcare institutions put people first. 

3. More transparency 

Besides collecting, using, changing, and reporting, digital data is also much easier to track. RPA tools will enable healthcare professionals to track each step of every process in a complex workflow, from managing claims to entire patient journeys.    

When an RPA implementation is designed well, the powerful combination of data management and automation solutions will ensure that healthcare institutions are transparent and accountable, always able to meet audit requirements. 

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That said, not every healthcare institution can deploy RPA solutions successfully. That’s because every organization has unique needs. And nobody understands this better than SG Analytics. RPA solutions at SGA entail extensive research and resource planning to identify data pipelines and the bottlenecks that obstruct them. We offer RPA services that understand and optimize your workflows in a way that maximizes efficiency and value just for you. 

That’s what we mean by success. After all, unique goals demand unique solutions. 

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