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Employees can request flexible work from the start!

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Published on Dec 23, 2022

"It has been discovered that flexible working arrangements can assist employees in maintaining a healthy balance between their work and home lives. This is particularly beneficial for employees who have commitments or responsibilities, such as caring for children or vulnerable persons". 

According to the proposal made by the UK government, employees would be granted the right to seek remote and flexible working for employees as soon as they start new employment. According to the rule that is currently in place, workers will be required to wait for a period of 26 weeks before they can request flexible work arrangements. However, new legislation will eliminate this requirement. 

The administration also intends to pass rules that would make it simpler for individuals with little financial resources to find additional employment opportunities. The Trades Union Congress, on the other hand, stated that the government needs to go "far further." 

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According to a new plan that was just unveiled by the government today, employees in the UK will soon be allowed to request flexible work options from the very first day they start a job. The right to request flexible working legislation is going to be modified as part of the Rishi Sunak government's plan to adopt new legislation. In a statement released by the government of the United Kingdom (UK), "millions of employees will have the right to request remote and flexible working from day one as soon as they begin work." 

The government of the United Kingdom has announced that employees who are employed under contracts that guarantee them a weekly income that is equal to or less than the Lower Earnings Limit of 123 pounds will now be protected from having exclusivity clauses enforced against them. These clauses previously prevented employees from working for multiple employers at the same time. 

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More on the story 

According to the government, these measures will make it possible for around 1.5 million low-wage workers to make use of the options that are open to them, such as working on various short-term contracts. According to the government, this will be of great advantage to those individuals who require more flexibility about where and when they work, such as students or persons who are responsible for the care of others. 

In A Nutshell, Employees in the United Kingdom would now have the ability to request more flexible working arrangements beginning on the first day of their jobs. There is no "one size fits all" approach to workplace arrangements under the new legislation. Workers in the UK who are disabled will benefit from the new legislation. 

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According to the data, work opportunities for women have been limited in the UK, and it is possible that this new rule may contribute to the narrowing of pay differentials. Additionally, it will be to the advantage of the nation's disabled workforce. 

In support of this point of view, the Equality and Human Rights Commission made the following statement: "Increasing flexible working for employees options at all levels will not only improve access to employment for women and help reduce pay gaps, but it will also support fathers who want a better work-life balance, as well as older people." In addition, flexible working hours can be a helpful reasonable adjustment for disabled workers, which contributes to the reduction of the employment gap that exists between disabled and non-disabled people. 

The Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) recommended that companies should first explore other available choices before deciding to turn down employees' requests for more flexible work schedules if they are unable to accommodate those requests. Employees will no longer be asked to provide feedback on how their employers dealt with their requests for more remote and flexible working from day one. 



During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020, around 37% of working individuals performed their jobs from the comfort of their own homes. Since then, a number of companies, including Lloyds Banking Group, have established hundreds of positions that can be permanently fulfilled from the comfort of one's own home. Others, however, argue that it makes personnel less productive and have issued directives for staff to report back to the office. 

The proposed proposals include allowing employees to make two requests for flextime working arrangements within any period of 12 months, whereas the existing policy only permits them to make one request. Additionally, it will compel businesses to reply to requests within two months, which is a reduction from the previous requirement of three months. In addition, the government will do away with the requirement that employees provide their employers with suggestions for how their flextime working requests should be handled by the company. 


Flexible Working and Sustainability 

There are various advantages for both the business and the workers when it comes to scheduling flexibility. However, embracing flexible scheduling today will help you achieve in the future, even if it represents a huge adjustment from how you've done things in the past. 

Both workers and businesses stand to benefit, but let's not overlook the ecological advantages this shift will bring about. The general public will also reap some benefits from this. The benefits of environmental awareness extend to everyone. Individuals, businesses, and the world all benefit from the general trend of people making healthier lifestyle decisions. 

Working from home is a viable option for the future. As a result of employees having more leeway in their schedules, businesses are able to save money, increase productivity, and decrease employee turnover. It's becoming the standard, if you will. 

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Building a Greener and Sustainable Future  

While previously sustainability was considered as nice to have, in 2023 and beyond, attitudes of brands are shifting towards accountability. The pandemic shifted the focus on sustainability and clean energy. While sustainability was a general concern before, it is now a major focus of every brand. Hence there couldn't be a better time than now to integrate where businesses are and what improvements are to be made in the shorter and longer term to reduce their carbon footprint.   

Brands of all sizes are taking action to overcome the ongoing climate change crisis. It is no longer a part of the brand's mission statement but is emerging as a collective foundational principle that is compelling them to take necessary actions.   

Brands are now developing new sustainable strategies. They are ramping up efforts to decrease their environmental impact by switching to more efficient technology. This empowers them to ensure their staff's well-being while conducting business transparently. In 2023, brands not prioritizing sustainability will likely find themselves left behind in this competition.  

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