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How AI is going to Change Digital Marketing in 2023?

SGAnalytics_Blog_How AI is going to Change Digital Marketing in 2023
Published on Feb 03, 2023

Traditional forms of advertising, including television commercials, billboards, and personal sales pitches, were not customer-centric until the advent of digital marketing. Social media users engage in constant conversation, which may allow for the accurate prediction of their wants and requirements. The use of AI in customer service and marketing has already resulted in significant shifts in these previously established practices. The advent of AI has caused a sea change in the character of online advertising. 

Companies benefit from it by improving their digital strategies, enhancing their campaigns, and getting the most out of their investments. Smart devices, chatbots, and self-driving cars are just a few examples of the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is already having an impact on daily life. These are geared towards learning about customers' likes and dislikes so as to tailor services to each individual. With technological advancements occurring at such a breakneck pace, predicting the future is difficult. Still, we'll do our best to outline some glaring trends that will influence the future of digital advertising. 

What is Artificial Intelligence, or AI? 

In approximately the next eight years, the value of the AI market is expected to expand by over 13 times. 

In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the study and development of computational systems that exhibit intelligent behavior and are capable of performing tasks typically requiring human intelligence. The term is often used to describe the pursuit of creating machines that can reason, find meaning, generalize, and learn from experience, among other human-like cognitive abilities. 

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How does AI Transform Digital Marketing? 

Several industries are being transformed by artificial intelligence. Brands use artificial intelligence in a wide variety of contexts, from the financial to the technological to the retail sectors. A growing number of brands are using artificial intelligence to interact with their consumers. Attempting to integrate conversational marketing into their routine is an experiment. 

As machine learning advances, AI is opening the door to hyper-personalization in the form of customized product recommendations, smart content recommendations, and helpful advice for customers. As a result, it is changing the method by which digital marketers introduce products to consumers online. We will discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing Digital Marketing.  

Specifically targeted advertising 

Persuasion is an essential component of focused marketing. However, how can you persuade strangers? With the use of artificial intelligence in virtual assistants, predictive consumer segmentation, and intelligent design for tailored customer experiences. A marketing strategy that caters to the varied tastes of consumers is more effective than one that emphasizes one theme over another. Additionally, with the availability of AI, marketers can use specific data to foretell if customers will be interested in making a purchase before ever requesting payment. 

Automated and personalized marketing 

Do you want to automate your digital marketing without sacrificing specificity? Certainly, you can. Automation and personalisation through the use of artificial intelligence produce a high level of personalisation in marketing. During the post-pandemic phase, businesses can acquire a significant edge in the competition for customers, resulting in increased sales revenue.  

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Enhance your knowledge of your customers 

AI aids businesses in analyzing large amounts of data and anticipating the purchase behavior/decisions of each customer. This allows you to perform effective marketing campaigns directed at a specific audience. It also adds to higher levels of consumer satisfaction. In addition, by employing AI-driven strategies, marketers may easily convert leads into sales at the best times to drive conversions. 

AI-driven content marketing 

Reaching the right people at the right moment with the appropriate message is the holy grail of marketing and progress. For this purpose, it can be helpful to conduct market research to learn about the demographics of the target market and the cultural and socioeconomic issues that they face. If you want people to read what you have to say, you need to break it down and put it in a format that is accessible to them. In this context, AI becomes useful. Artificial intelligence is playing a more crucial role in the distribution of content. It helps by figuring out which topics are most likely to pique people's curiosity and then delivering material that is laser-focused on those areas. 

Customer relationship management driven by AI 

Customer relationship management is significantly aided by AI. Companies can obtain real-time data on how their customers interact across the many communication platforms they utilize. They can have their issues automatically routed to the most relevant community of care, where users can then make use of statistical models to choose the best course of action. Expertise provision via automated workflows is one area where chatbots may be used to great advantage, and this can be a very cost-effective method of growing a business' clientele. By keeping an eye on customer information, firms can learn which leads are most likely to become paying clients. 

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 

Work Efficiency  

Data-Driven Analysis of Artificial Intelligence generates accurate predictions of the future for marketing plan formulation. Error-free and productive in achieving company objectives. 

Enhance the Marketer-Customer Relationship 

It responds to consumer questions and enhances the customer experience. It supplies the customer with relevant product content. Consequently, bettering the relationship between the marketer and the customer. 


Algorithms for progressive machine learning facilitate adaptation to new inputs for effective operation. The capabilities of devices such as GPS trackers and voice assistants can be enhanced by its intelligent algorithms. 


Automating company operations enables personalized service delivery and business-specific insights. It saves brands and marketers time and resources. 


Superior Productivity 

Automating repetitive operations with AI algorithms demands less time to give results. The rapid delivery of results contributes to the productivity increase. 

Enhancement of Customer Experiences 

Artificial Intelligence is utilized to develop methods that target the appropriate audience with irresistible offers. It comprehends the demands and preferences of clients in order to provide a personalized user experience. 

Future of Digital Marketing with AI 

More personalized marketing: As AI advances, algorithms are able to analyze people's psychology and wants based on their social media behavior, allowing for more targeted marketing. And it will create new opportunities for personalized marketing. Businesses will only invest in customers who require their products. 

Engaging customer support: Customer service will be more personalized and interactive. Customer support software such as chatbots can undertake a variety of tasks, including answering customer questions, providing product and service information, and generating sales. 

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Easy product searching and recommendation tools: Easy-to-use search and suggestion tools will increase the accuracy of product searches and recommendations. With the advancement of AI, voice search is becoming increasingly popular. Many businesses have begun experimenting with augmented reality to enhance the purchasing experience for their customers. This allows clients to have a better visual understanding of the products being sold. 

Advanced data processing and analysis: Machine learning algorithms shine in this context because human analysts just can't keep up with the volume of data being generated. Since AI technology is quickly catching up to the volume of data being generated, we are able to make better use of the information we collect. 

Marketers have found AI to be a useful tool: AI has been recognised by marketers as a beneficial tool. It has revolutionized the marketing method and has aided the whole procedure. In terms of efficiency and convenience, though, it still has a ways to go. 


AI may have far-reaching consequences for the future of digital marketing. Approximately 83% of businesses agree that AI is critical to their future success. AI may help improve a company's marketing operations by giving tools for customization, predictive analytics, content development and optimisation, and automation. But keep in mind that AI is just a tool and that it should be used to help achieve the business's larger objectives and work in tandem with human intelligence and ingenuity. Digital marketing is already becoming more data-driven, efficient, and personalized as a result of recent developments in technology, and this trend is only expected to accelerate. 

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