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8 Tools for Better Market Research

Better Market Research
Published on Mar 27, 2020

Market research, when performed before strategy rollouts, builds up a successful campaign.  

It: – 

  1. Informs about marketplace trends, business environments 
  2. Educates the target audience about the company and its products & services  
  3. Discovers an effective client engagement model 
  4. Compares against competitors providing real-time analyses. 

Brilliant tools listed below accomplish critical functions mentioned above with ease. 


SEMRush, a comparative analysis tool, provides insight on all marketing strategies for companies and their competitors.  

Its other functionalities include: – 

  1. Monitoring relevant keywords 
  2. Providing website traffic statistics 
  3. Analyses direct/indirect competition. 

SEMRush contains important functions that track competitors’ actions. 


Tableau, a data visualisation tool, utilizes analytics, and BI to explain market research facts. 

Further uses include: – 

  1. Seamless information blending, collaboration 
  2. Instantaneous data analytics  
  3. Secure interface 

Post analysis, it obtains useful information that aids proper market research analysis. 

American FactFinder 

American FactFinder, a US census search tool, sieves valuable information by parameters like age, income, year, race, and location.  

Relevant statistics can be found following three simple steps: – 

  1. Selecting a search path 
  2. Viewing results based on the search 
  3. Seeing relevant information 

Pew Research Centre 

Pew Research Centre, an impartial fact bank, notifies public on the problems, behaviours, and inclinations prevalent across the world.  

Other important functions include: – 

  1. Public opinion polling 
  2. Research on demography 
  3. Other statistics-driven social science research. 

This trustworthy research centre is known for accurate and useful statistics. 

Open Web Analytics 

Open WebAnalytics, an open source tool, monitors and examines users’ interaction with company’s websites and applications.  

Some advantages favouring OWA include: – 

  1. Greater control of code 
  2. Personal server setup 
  3. Faster interface as compared to Google Analytics 


Quora, a Q and A portal, provides an excellent platform for answering popular questions using facts and opinions. Online users collaborate by posting and altering questions and suggesting edits to answers submitted by other users. 

Other features include the use of: – 

  1. Specific ‘asked-to-answer’ questions to appropriate communities 
  2. Content publishing to attract attention 
  3. Search feature that gives customer experiences of specific businesses 
  4. Credits to push specific company questions 

All in all, Quora helps gain unique customer-centric insights. 


MakeMyPersona, an interactive tool, generates buyer identities after certain questions regarding the company’s target audience are answered.  

It also: – 

  1. Creates customer profiles to help recognise their choices and behaviours. 
  2. Poses compelling questions that efficiently flesh out consumer profiles 

Researchers having a clear picture of their clients are best served by this tool. 


Being an efficient survey tool, SurveyMonkey creates compelling surveys to interview several contributors.  These tools help spread knowledge about the company’s area of research in advance. Free versions include basic features while extensive surveys are covered in the paid version. 

In conclusion 

Choice of MR tools depends on the need to be fulfilled. Careful consideration of all tools will help choose an effective tool. We hope you can choose the right tool with the help of the information we have provided!